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class of oo7. license to kill.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

HOLA!!! haha how many ppl actually check it here? lollll anyway hope everyone's enjoying HS. am i the only dork who doesn't have facebook?? haha email me everyone!love, marissa :D

Thursday, June 28, 2007

hey manisha!
this goes out to you! i cudnt really find any good pictures of flushed away except for the movie pictures but i hope your enjoying the INDIAN SAMOSAS from the mother land!

Monday, June 25, 2007

hey guys. so i went party supply shopping on saturday, AT COSTCOO. but anyway, jsut to give you guys a heads up, the party is 11-5 so come with empty stomachsss. and it is confirmed that there WILL be a astrojump there. ^_^ hope you guys are looking forward to it as much as me!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

hey everybodyyy,
for those of you who don't check your email like me... im sending out a reminder. The party is on the 30th. If you want my address, CHECK YOUR EMAIL. cuz im not posting it hereee lol. anywayyy im really bored but sanj, umm i mite be able to come for the movie. SO COUNT ME IN. besides that, if anybody knows anybody else that is going to bell summer school, let me know. cuz like the only ppls i know r drea, rohit (the old one at harwood), shalin, sri, uma, and the short twin. ANDD KIMMYY but she leaves early.. - - Y IS THE CAMPUS O BIGG. its pretty tho. good luck to patrick and aakash going there!
talk to you laterrrr

Monday, June 18, 2007

Ok, so if you don't check your email inbox, what's the chance you'll check the blog? Anyway, happy Summer o7, I hope you guys are rockin' it out to the hardest, having the best fun at the Just Kidding.
Shoutouts:, I'll get back to you.
...uh, I guess that's a Shoutout sans me see more crap before I get to the point...Ctrl-G = Hindi transliteration, babby! Okay, so whatever the crap's up with me, I read a BLACK book this weekend, so I'm gonna start being like, "Shet up, boyy. I ain't down with no shit like that. You a trip, girlfriend." JK. I made some lemonaiide, so I'm pretty HIGH.

Yeah. OK, down to business:
June 21: I need to know what movie time is okay for Ocean's Thirteen.
Info: 1 hr, 53 mins long.
Location: Oakridge Century 20
Showtimes available: 6:15, 6:50, 7:40, 8:20
Recommendations: We don't want to eat later than the movie because the food court might close. Also, we might not want to do a late movie because the parents do have to pick us up.
As of now, I think we've agreed on the 7:40 show. As Ish said in an email, we will need to be in the theatres by 7:30, so maybe come a little earlier. Dinner/whatever-meal-you-want-to-call-it will take place before the movie. So, let us know what works out!

June 30 is Maya's Party.

Vasona Lake BBQ.
Location: Vasona Lake, duh?
Pick a Date: July 7, July 8, July 14, July 15
It can be a potluck and picnic, etc.

Pool Party
Location: Undecided
Pick a Date: First weekend of August?

And, we'll definitely do three/or more things in between.
Let me know when you guys are NOT available and what dates you are out of town.

Luvvs, Sanj

Sunday, June 17, 2007

hey everybodyyyy
summer has started and im sad, cuz i cant see ur faces on monday( except for kim!)-_-
MANISHA - the prize wus some crap trophy coddington madee. lol
but hows everybody's summer going? I havent really started doing anything yet. BUT i started looking at where I should buy food for the party, I let you guys know more about the menu later. ( for rt and sanj, there is stuff 4 u guys 2 eat! ) but, if you guys have any suggestions on food, (WHICH WILL TTLY HELP!) let me know! I'm totally lookin forward to the party so I can see you guys again. hope you are too!

-maya r. (cant sign as ms. pres anymore..)

Thursday, May 31, 2007

hey guys
i hope that you guys are gonna have a great time at skool. oh ya maya you didn't tel me wut prize there would be for the spirit week thing. and to ish and mishee you guys didn't do the alien thing . i am soooo mad. any way i hope you guys have a super grad dance and mishee need to send pix of grad. bye I'll miss you soo much!! <3 manisha

Monday, May 28, 2007

hey everybody!
just a quick reminder, i am doin a class of 07 scrapbook so if u have any pics i would REALLYYY appreciate u givin me some pics! and on more thing, for the party and RSVP -ing, actually call in. its easier 4 me.
-ms. pres

Saturday, May 12, 2007

so...yea im pretty bored myself. BUT THAT SCIENCE TEST WAS WACK. geezz.. but the next few weeks of school will be rewarding. besides the test of coursee. lol everybody keep ur heads up. i mean yes we still have ONLY 25 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL, but there is more cool news to tell you. but i cant tell u yett.. i tell u on tuesdayyyy
but the good news for mee. IS THAT I GOT THE TIXS TO THE USA VS. CHINA GAMEEEEE! *scores
- ms. pres

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


well, first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ZOYA and MANISHA!!! :]
yeah... well, grad is coming up pretty soon (only about 45 days!). im so excited! yay... im really bored now. oh well.
House is on today!

love always, marissa :D

Saturday, April 28, 2007

i just came back from my frosh scheduling class thinggg. dude the lady there was like, hmm i cant get seven classes. let me count em with my fingers. my parents were like, wthhhh.
but enjoy ur weekenddd!!

o i just came back from my frosh scheduling class thinggg. dude the lady there was like, hmm i cant get seven classes. let me count em with my fingers. my parents were like, wthhhh.
but enjoy ur weekenddd!!

o i just came back from my frosh scheduling class thinggg. dude the lady there was like, hmm i cant get seven classes. let me count em with my fingers. my parents were like, wthhhh.
but enjoy ur weekenddd!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

hey everyone
well..... our test wasn't as easy as maya's.... we had 2 2-column proofs--like prove the triangle is isosceles or prove angle R is congruent to angle Q... and science was pretty much general stuff... yeah.
so wtv. hope you guys all did well!
<33 marissa

so ive got a couple things to say. so first the dance! WAS SOO MUCH FUN. who knew that swing dancing was awesome. and malik, ur a good dancer! 0_0 jk jk. and this dance was better than any so far. with the dance off and swing. seconddd testsss. so i came bak from my placement test like 6 hours ago but i remember it. so u'll prolly start with algebra. as long as u review algebra u wont have any problems. in the beginning it'll seem easy n then it'll start to get hard (so watch out!) and for geometry, dont even worry about it. well i do mean worry but dont freak cuz most of the questions were simple. e.g. the sum of 2 complementary angles is ___ DUH YOU GUYS R GONNA BE FINEEE.
-ms. pres

Friday, April 20, 2007

hey everyone!
just wanted to say good luck on tests tomorrow!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Hey again! This picture is just for Manisha! Who is totally for the movie Flushed Away. I havent seen the movie myself buttt by the way manisha talks about it, it looks pretty good and "funny"
i wouldnt really know if its funny becuz everytime she tries and tells me a joke from the movie, she starts to crack up. so watch the movie! (for manisha's happiness) loll
-ms. pres

Heyyyy everybody! I hope everybody enjoyed break. I sure did....
anyway, school is going to be hard for the beginning weeks but on the bright side, the dance is this friday, so i guess this week is somewhat shorter! Over the break I worked alot on the scrapbook so I'll bring it on Friday. I did the pictures from Christmas and our 2nd sports day. (i didnt have our 1st sports day and i know im doing the pictures kinda late! ^_^) Just a reminder, if you have pictures of any school event, let me know!!!
-ms. pres

Sunday, April 15, 2007

hey everyone!
wow. things are gonna be different in about 2 months. i think we should have lunch or dinner at fresh choice every other month or something. lol
well, wtv. who actually bothers keeping up with this blog? lol.
hope everyone's enjoying their break. i havent really done any hw. and i seriously need to study for next saturday. :0
lovee, marissa :D

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

hey everybody!!!
hows everybody's break going? We all deserve a break after all the work we've done. anyway, mines goodddd. ive gone 2 2 malls in the past 2 days. ^_^ but life is good.
-ms. pres

Sunday, April 01, 2007

hey everyone! (or people who actually bother keeping up with our blog now...)
well.... not much has been happening here.... our blogging kinda died, i guess. well, young authors coming up! its gonna be weird having a regular school week after sat's... well, get ready for placement exams everyone! im gonna try to finish all the worksheets mrs hamstra gave us! thats gonna take a while. well, good luck to all of you guys, too! omg. its in THREE weeks!
loveeee, marissa :D

Monday, March 26, 2007

well i hope everybody is enjoying the fact that we have no hw this week!!! i sure amm. lol i went CD shoppping 2day n im going again well im not sure if i can play on Sports Day for soccer but i can def. play volleyball. im bored now.
-ms. pres XD

Sunday, March 25, 2007

hey everyone!
erm... nothing much is happening. aahhhhh - gotta figure out which school im gonna go to. deposit due in FIVE days. talk about no pressure. lol
love, mishee :D

Friday, March 23, 2007

hey everyone!
i hope we'll be able to see mrs hamstra sometime soon... or hear from her soon. :]
meanwhile... trying to decide what high school to go to - how many of you guys have that same dilemma to face???? i hope everything turns out okay....
<3 marissa :D

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

does anybody have the song ice box by omarion? i luv itttt. hes an awesome dancerrr. n like maryam says, hes
-ms. pres

Sunday, March 18, 2007

can anyone send me mrs. hamstra's email? thank you to whoever does.

- katherine

well this weekend has prolly been long-awaited and maybe hated now. but dont let the fact that u didnt get in2 a high school not bother u. it is their loss and everything happens for a reason. and now i will post avril lavigne lyrics becuz they r the thoughts that r going through my head.

-ms. pres

You're not alone
Together we stand
I'll be by your side, you know I'll take your hand
When it gets cold
And it feels like the end
There's no place to go
You know I won't give in
No I won't give in

Keep holding on
'Cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through
Just stay strong
'Cause you know I'm here for you, I'm here for you
There's nothing you could say
Nothing you could do
There's no other way when it comes to the truth
So keep holding on
'Cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through

heyyy everyone!
oh, and btw... when maya says to blame me - don't. its her fault. lolll jk. well, anyway... ummm.. great. now we have LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of high school difficulties. its gonna be hardddddddd. well good luck to everyone if you havent already heard from the schools! wtv happens, its god's will. jk jk lol
<3 sunshine :D

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

okay so im startin 2 get pics for the scrapbook!!! so just a reminder... if u have pics pleaseee send em 2 me!!! i will be grateful thennn! heres some of the ones i already haveeeee! enjoy!

O! n sanj.. can u send me the newspaper pics u have 4 halloween this year!! n anything u havent already sent me!!!
-ms. pres

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hahaha Yayy! Manisha commentedd (:
So yes, every smiley did look VERY VERY FAKE.
Don't think that I was smiling because of everything, but today, it just felt so numb and blank, that I smiled despite everything. It's been such a tumultuous week that I just smiled and went crazy again...releasing those endorphins...and they kicked in.
So basically, a nut's loose up there.
Love, Sanj

hey ppls!
well i like 2 post these picsss
n u can blame marissa 4 it
cuz she only posted stuff 2 hide it! LOLLL

hows the studyin 4 science goinggg
cuz im like 3/4s done. wus math easyyy?? yea im prolly gonna be up really late doin stufff..
- ms. pres

if you dont like reading my billions of posts, you can blame MAYA.... she knows why. lolll. haha
well.... wtv. you know.... i feel like mrs hamstra's on vacation, and in like a month or a few weeks, she'll be back.

i wonder what E-10 will look like next year... if there's anyone left, maybe i'll visit. and if i see a completely new room - new posters, new STUFF.... maybe that's when it'll hit me. cuz i think everything she left is gonna stay til the end of the year.
wonder who our new teacher's gonna be.... depressing subjects.

ok. ummm....... :] maybe looking at smiley faces will make us all feel better.... but i know that the weekend after she left, every smiley face or every happy person looked fakely happy to me.... i dont know. strange feelings passing through my mind... kinda creepy. wtv
<3 marissa

omg. so today i was actually EARLY to swim practice so i brought my math hw. after we got out, i was wet (duh!) and i said to my friend, "oh no. im gonna get my math notebook wet." and she laughed. and i said "i love my math notebook." and she was like "yeah? it's like your child or something?" and i couldnt help but smile. cuz it is. remember how mrs hamstra would always tell us the leaving-the-baby-under-the-table story when we forgot our math notebooks? good times.yeahhh. haha. well, wtv. have to study science....
<33marissa//stillshocked\\i guess...//its like im numb now//cant feel the pain//but the pain's still there\\i kinda wish it would hurt every now&then... i dunno.

Monday, March 12, 2007

well, as most ppls know.. I LOVE CREEPY MOVIESSSS
so i know the grudge 2 has already come out, but i only got to watch it on saturday..
and let me tell the ppl know, if u r of the faint of heart or dont like the grudge, dont look at the pics or watch the movie! lollll
so if anybody is that interested... i'll tell u what happens at school cuz i dont feel like posting and i hafta do my
so anyway..

i hope people WILL WATCH THIS MOVIE... even if it creeps u outttt
well heres the really good thing, if u live through it once, u can tell everybody u've watched it n they'll thing ur intense..
but dont watch it just cuz ur dared 2 or sumthin..lolll
- ms. pres

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Isn't that awesome we had to change our clocks today?? We got to see Mrs. Hamstra (and, of course, everyone else!) an hour earlier!! :D YAY.

-- Kim

jeez this time it took me 4ever 2 log innn
but anywayyyy
cant wait till 4444!
im bored now.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Haha...Marissa, you're crazy!
But I can't wait either. Tomorrow's going to be a long day with a ton of stuff for me to pack...I hope I don't forget Rami's eggplant (it's in the fridge)...and I have an orchestra concert (all-black...bleargh! I better not forget my jeans)...also I have to put pretttty paper and decorate 'the box'...Wait! How do I get the eggplant in there? I'll have to cut like a hole and stuff it in there and surgically stitch it up (Oh wait, Marissa can do that!). brain is going pretty fast right now, and I don't remember much...
I hope the picture thing works out! Oh yeah, I have to write a letter to Mrs. Hamstra, or something like a card or just cuz thing...because yeah, I do.
I'll do that after dinner (which I hope is tasty...really hope.).
So...thanks for listening to my ramblings, and I'll see you guys tomorrow. I can't wait to see Mrs. Hamstra's face when she sees the photo! I hope I get there sort of early...because I don't want to be late and confused (as I tend to be).!
Love, Sanj

RAWR. omg i cant wait! eh... well, yeah. love you all :D <3
<3 marissa :D

hey everyone!
omg. i cant WAIT til tomorrow! i am literally counting SECONDS!!!!!!!!! i got to talk to mrs hamstra a little bit last night and she just said to tell everyone to bring whatever they want. we're gonna have a pizza party, and its gonna be so much fun. i hope the whole blow-up picture thing is going well - i think she'll love it. anyway, cant wait to see mrs hamstra tomorrow and all of you guys! the whole shock thing is a lot better now, but i think we're all still stunned. i know that, to me, mrs hamstra is still there. it feels like she's just on vacation and we're having a sub until she comes back. we all miss her and love her. once again, if any of you ever need anything, i'm here. i love you all! <333
<3 marissa :D
i just cant WAIT until tomorrow! for once, i'm kinda glad daylight savings is tonight! that makes me wait an hour less!!!!!! :D

hola ppl
im workin on the Class of 2007 scrapbook rite now. so if anybody has 8TH GRADE pictures they want to share i will be very happy! ^_^ If u want to contribute, just put ur pics on a CD and give it 2 me. i'll give u bak ur CD. but yea and sanjj u remember when we went the 6th grade museum thing and we took our pic in front of the mapp?? can u send me that pic? thanxs OOO and kim.. I can send u the quotes but can u send me the pics we took on friday?? more thanxsss
- ms. pres

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hey guys,
I hope we're all doing well. Mrs. Hamstra is always reminding us that she left but she knows that we are strong, we will not suffer, and as far as emotional pain goes, she knows it is a part of life, but change will lead to better. It's hard, but call her, and you will really, really appreciate those minutes with her--they cause you to take a complete different approach.
So, enough consolation and introduction, as you know we are going to her house this Sunday (hope you can make it!) and even so there are three things (well, more) going on for her, so please take action accordingly.
1. This is extremely urgent: Rami will be collecting funds for a gift for Mrs. Hamstra tomorrow! That way she can have a hugomongous gift card from ALL of us. So, if you guys could bring $10 tomorrow, it's going to be a really nice going-away-but-never-out-of-our-lives present to give to her at her house, and show her how much we all really care.
2. Also, extremely urgent: Mrs. Hamstra's box closes tomorrow because we want to bring that to her Sunday! Please bring something, she's looking forward to our assortment. If you're still in need of ideas: pencils, math notebooks, rulers, 'big' erasers, or those letters she made us write and re-write to get permission to come to her house in December...what else? Her number line stickers... So, please don't forget and pack your 'baby' in your bag now!
3. This is urgent as well: Mrs. Hamstra had said that she wanted to start a school. Ish is collecting funds (from $1 to $million) to donate to a charity that does attempt to educate children in Africa, and we will do so in Mrs. Hamstra's name. Please, we encourage you to bring your money, and do so by next Friday to help the disadvantaged of our generation.
4. I think everyone has signed the cards that Maya bought but just make sure that you're not missing.
Thanks so much you guys. Lots of stuff to remember for tomorrow. Can't wait for Sunday!
Love ya lots,

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hey (:

Um... can somebody send me Mrs. Hamstra's quotes? I'd love ya, thanks.

It's nice how everyone is recovering. Even thought she left us, she'll be in our mind and our hearts, and we'll probably be in hers. And we know that even if she may not be our teacher, she's still like our parent and somebody who has taught us the value of life. Make sure to bring something for her box because Mrs. Hamstra needs a piece of everybody: "memorabilia" Ha.

Love you guys, Kim

hey guysss
i thought i wud be nice to see a small recap of our school yearrrr
^_^ enjoys!!!

P.S. i luv arthi's eyes in one of the pics. u cant c her face tho..LOL

- maya

hey everybody..
so yes talking about mrs. hamstra is weird but c'mon, i mean yea it is hard. i now it wus 4 me... but from the way today went, i think our wounds are healing pretty well. just remember im always hereee just like sanj n marissa to talk to. DONT EVER BE AFRAID TO TALK OR CRY. trust me, its a good way of getting rid of emotions. anyway, feel free to blog about it 2!
- ms. pres

Monday, March 05, 2007

Hey you guys,
Yes, still shocked and stunned, I know. Even though sometimes the tears aren't flowing out here, I'm still crying much as everyone is telling us, or me, to move's hard, it'll take time. I'm glad that we are coming closer, we still have so much to do as a class.
Also, I'm going to try to bring in a box tomorrow. If possible, I want to fill it with little things that we don't want Mrs. Hamstra to leave behind, or little articles she can remember us by. Those artistically inclined can decorate the box if you want, so it looks pretty. Two people in our class have suggested that because they drive by the area during the week, they might be able to drop the box off, saving us postage. So please, if you have math notebooks that you forgot during a notebook quiz, or ruined math homework, rulers or erasers or calculators she caught you distracted by, anything special that has a story with her behind it...we can attach a small note with each item...please bring those if you don't mind parting with them.
I hope this all works out, and remember that we are always there for each other.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

hey everyone. tomorrow is gonna be so so so so weird. but i know that if we believe in each other and if we believe in mrs hamstra's love, we can make it through the day - no matter how different and weird it is. lemme know if any of you need anything. you can call me anytime. im here for you, and your friends are there for you. we can do this. together. when we believe.
<3 marissa :D

hey everyone. i know that it still feels really weird. i talked to mrs hamstra today, trying to invite her to my concert... her daughter's visiting this weekend. so that's good that her family is there with her to help her through this hard time. but she said to me that she hoped we understood - why she left and why she had to leave. she said that sometimes to make changes for the better, you have to sacrifice. it was so hard for her to leave us, but she sacrificed us so that we could have a chance at having a better time, of getting a better education. she left with us in her heart and in her mind. so never forget that. she loves us all so much. she told me to give her love to everyone. and she said that if we ever have any academic questions or if we're in need of advice, she said that her door is open. she is such a caring and loving and understanding person... words can't even say. and we are so lucky to have had her and to still have her as teacher. because even if she isn't standing there every morning with geometry figures on the board, she is still my teacher. she is still our teacher.
this has to be as hard for you guys as it is for me... probably even harder. and i totally get it. you can shed your tears, you can feel the pain and the sorrow. and you can also feel the gratitude and the courage that it took mrs hamstra to do what she did. and if you ever need someone to talk to, you guys can all talk to me. call your friends, email them, and i know that we will stay together forever.
lots of love, marissa :D

Saturday, March 03, 2007

OMG! i know everyone is upset. i am too. I know that losing mrs. hamstra was something that no one ever expected. no one did. it was sooo painful. I know that every five minutes we think to ourselves "we have to move on because she wanted us too" and for a minute we are comforted by these thoughts, but then you think: did this really happen. or is this an extremely long dream. but remember no matter what anyone tells you, it is okay to cry because you have friends and you have people that will be there to hold your hand through all of this. it is okay to remember every laugh, every talk, and every smile because that's what keeps us going. just don't forget everything, and then later you feel like she's there with you. but remember, if you need someone to talk to, don't get scared to call a friend (hint: you can always talk to me).

Mrs. Hamstra, although she doesn't want any attention right now, she needs to know how much we care. she needs to know that no matter what happens, she is so unforgettable. we will always treasure her. remember all those time she yelled at you: she was teaching you a life lesson. she did it because she wanted us to succeed. remember how she stood up for us this year. she sang when she got happy. she drew all those figure for us on the board so that we could learn and follow her example. she told stories that strayed the topic so much just to prove a point. don't ever forget. We need to come together as a class and as friends to get through this. just basically, live your life, just never forget.

I'm reading, and somewhere inside the wheels of my brain are turning, trying to think practically, and move on...I know there are two conflicting forces inside of all of us. Be practical--be emotional. It seems as though we will never be able to accept this.
But right now I am too deep in grief, and no matter what happens, it will take time, and we will have to hold each others hands and spend that time together, Monday through Friday through Monday again. It will take time...
What can i say? Mrs. Hamstra was beyond words...martinetish. Everything she did, methods she taught us, her hugs, intrusiveness, notebook quizzes...there is so much to remember. And I know as we rise up again for air, more memories attack us.
The parents had a meeting and are supposed to be taking action...God knows, we cannot let Mrs. Hamstra go without a fight...
As we have been saying in our emails, just anything to thank Mrs. Hamstra, let her know that we will remember her and her lessons...I can't think about them right now...but we have to continue with the cards and as Kim was saying, send her little things to remember us by.
I'm sorry, I have no words, they fumble and stop at the tip of my tongue...
It feels stuck in a rut, smothered by water, an ocean of memories, swimming through my thoughts...I can make no sense nor choose right or wrong. They say this is still shock. The first stage: numbness.
God knows there is a long journey ahead.
I hope we have the strength to put aside our differences and pull together through this. let us find our individual consolation in each other--no matter if you pray or you believe or take things as they are.
If not anything, I hope we use this experience to create a class Mrs. Hamstra will be proud to see graduate.

Meanwhile, work continues like hell.

Love, Sanj
Remember that we are always here, and whenever you need anyanyanything, you have my number.
Please, continue to blog so that we all can share our feelings and help each other.

hey guys. like maya said, we're all going through a REALLY REALLY hard time. i guess now we're just kinda hanging onto all those traditions we used to have, hoping it'll give us comfort. i dont know how many of your parents went, but keep checking your emails and stuff. we're doing a lot. keep posting on the blog, and i think we should all talk about this. share our feelings - our sorrow, fear, numbness... everything. mrs hamstra taught us how to work together, how to be a class, how to be one instead of being individual students. she taught us how to believe in ourselves. she taught us how to make the right decisions. i will forever cherish the day when she caught me during the science review. i remember i got a 97 or 98 on that test, but she was still like upset with me. she was so special in teaching us. when she punished us, it wasn't a punishment. she taught us how to make the right decisions. i remember she told me, "you cannot serve two masters at the same time." and she was so right. we all remember those things she's always said to us, "dont cry over spilled milk" and so much more. share your feelings. shed your tears of sorrow. and remember that she did so much for us. she loved us so much. and she was so extremely brave when she left and decided to move on with her life. remember how much she loved us, remember how much we love her. remember having family time. remember her laughs, her smiles. remember the things she said that we laughed at. remember when she sang songs in the morning. remember all the things you can remember. and let love bind us together to get through this. let love and friendship keep us together forever. and by the time graduation comes, we will be so much more together and understanding of each other. we will love each other so much more. and remember mrs hamstra then. she will be so proud of us. she loves us. we love her. make her pround.
<3 marissa. call me anytime you need me. email me, call, talk to me. and talk to everyone else. remember. and love.

hey everybody again. so i want to keep the blog going because we need to stay together. we've all suffered a big loss but its a new beginning. mrs. hamstra doesnt want us to stay in the past, so we have to move on. its hard, but we can do it together.
-ms. pres

hey everybody.
now obviously, nobody is in a good mood. we are either in denial or really pissed off. i am in the middle. right now, i really just want everything to stay the same but i know its not going to be on monday morning. the best way we can feel somewhat better is to stick together. on monday, i am giving hugs out and i know a lot of people that need one. so just stay alive through the weekend. and remember, we all miss her, and i know, she misses us. dont u ever feel that she left because of us, dont even think it.
- ms. pres

Thursday, January 11, 2007

heyy!! whats up. its been sooo long. st. francis app due tomorrow!!!! hope all you ppl applying there have sent it in and gotten it over with! good luck. wow. history test tomorrow. :(
haha. well, i know everyones so busy no one's stupid enough to post something on our blog. haha. except me. lollll. haha. yup. well, good luck with everything. were BURIED in work. loll
<33mishee :P aka SUNSHiNE :)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

hey guys!
yea im really bored rite now n like none of u guys r on so maybe sumbody will look here. lolll anyway... just remember mrs. hamstra's party is on the 19 of December so be THERE. or else.... lol jk jk
*sighs* high school aps. r so boring. but it had better be worth it when we all get in to awesome high schools so dont doze off like me. lollll THE END IS WORTH IT.
- ms. pres

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hey guys,
Yes, we are returning to our blog !!
Hopefully, we'll keep it alive, despite the dumb, dumb high school applications, GEOMETRY, satanic econ tests...etc. (<< grammar police, please, i ask for forgiveness in the error i might have made (: )
I can't wait to go to Mrs. Hamstra's house. We have to decide around what time we wanna get there, though. And if we go in the car with her (if we can fit 26 kids in the car, that is)...hahaha, we can drive her CRAZY (Are we there yet? I have to go to the bathroom! I'm hungry. Can we go back? I think we're lost) !! I seriously have to bring my camera, and hopefully we won't have her go insane on us (:
...As far as D.C. goes, on Monday, I have to pass around the lists so half the class can finish it. How long do you guys want our trip to be? I think four days is a bit short... Also, how would you guys like it if we went 4 nights DC, 1 night NY? That way its a little bit of everything--and we won't be skipping much in DC.
Let me knoww
♥ sanj
P.S. Don't forget your permission slips for Mrs. Hamstra!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

hey everyone!
thanks for coming to the party! (everyone who did come). hope u didnt leave anything behind and if u did, i hope we have them & u get it back on mon. so thanks for coming and i hope u guys all had a great time! hope we can do this again soon.
<## MiSHEE

Friday, August 25, 2006

hey guys!
the party was AWESOME! i kinda left my pool toys at the pool so if someone brought those toys home, thank you so much! if those toys are still at the pool, uh, well... that would just suck :( if someone has them , please bring them to school and i'm so sorry i forgot them!!

- katherine

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

hey ppl!!! the party is TWO DAYS AWAY!!!! yay! but that also means..... school is five days away.... :(
i dont mind school... just the hw and tests and projects.... but ill see u all soon!
<## MiSHEE
ps. i hope the weather's ok on the 25th.

here's who's coming:


aakash is still a maybe

pps. rami - u dont have to bring chips! thx anyway

Monday, August 21, 2006

tons of pics.
tomorrow. okays?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

have no fear, ARTHI IS HERE!!!!!
i finally am back from india! 3 weeks is really too much. anyways i flew back alone and it was totally awesome cuz i was an "unaccompanied minor" so i got all these priviledges. true, ppl were taking me everywhere, and that was kinda annoying , cuz i'm not a baby!!!! but i didn't have to wait in those lines ( i got to cut) and instead of waiting at gates i got to wait in the SPECIAL VIP LOUNGE. the special vip lounge actually isn't that much different from the gate xcept it has a tv, the room is smaller, and the seat's are bigger. but i got to watch cartoons until my flight was here =).well on the plane i watched akeelah and the bee cuz it was the only good movie on. ever since my mom found out i watched it she's been bugging me about how hard the girl in the movie worked and why can't i do that. ugh.

c u friday!
p.s to aakash -- u can't stay in a first class seat on a plane when u paid for economy. even if there were empty seats. it's illegal. the flight attendant u asked must have been very stupid.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

hey guys. wussup.
IM GOIN 2 THE BEACH. w00t. yay me...

Friday, August 11, 2006

hey! im back from music camp (which was like THE awesome-est week of my summer) it was like music the whole day.... class started at nine and ended at 3:30. then i had an hour of practice time! lunch was an hour & half.... we sooo need that at school! haha.... yeah. we went to the bookstore (ask sanj) cuz no one wanted to practice w/ me at lunch!!!!!! hello???? why do u go to music camp then??

yeah. so ppl.... there is something called PHONE so call up ur friends who dont kno about the party (or ppl who have not seen the evite yet) and tell them to check their emails.... cuz if u dont check ur email, what's the point of having one??? wait.... maybe i should think about that myself. but yeah.... *AWARD FOR BEST HYPOCRITE OF THE MONTH GOES TO MiSHEE!!!* haha. but yeah. so ppl... call up ur friends the list is longer now..... so yeah. it is.... i believe:


and i dunno who else... but contact ppl, okay?

<## MiSHEE

Thursday, August 10, 2006

hey guys..
i went 2 target n i got the new cassie CD. its pretty good. i also got a gameboy advamce SP. w00t. yea cuz my mom gave my other one away w/o tellin me, so i went n bought one. i saw brandon there...kinda weird. he was playin the demo games n cuzzin at them when he weas losin. HE CUSSES LOUD....
so yea. its REALLY hot 2day...

[ S U P E R - H E R O M A Y A ]

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hey guys. im REALLY BORED rite now...
i have been jetlacked so much that i get up 4:30 in the morning and go bak 2 sleep at like noon. lol. its really weird.
OMG. there is this movie called goal the dream begins. n i wanted 2 c it b4 we left, so i saw the pirated copy in
i luv gettin dvds 4 a cheaper yea.
[ S U P E R - H E R O M A Y A ]

Monday, August 07, 2006

heylo peoples :P
i`m super pooped from the planee. i woke up halfway through landing in sfo and felt like screaming the f-word at the friggin pilot n people. my ears hurt like heeell and popped like so frickin hardd. i swear, i thought my ears were gonna explode; the pressure kept building up.
fwack! oops there goes an ear!, yeah. lols xD.
feel bad for all of you who still have a 24 hr plane ride back!!

anyway, feels awesome to be back home and un-awesome to calculate how much i spent on cheapo stuff that when totaled up looks so...UN-CHEAPO. but glad to have aim back, and my sweet old computer with the keyboard that loves me and actually listens [:
my frickin godd, i miss you guys so much. i can't wait for school to start!!
hopefully all of you guys can make it to the party::

HEY GUYS!!! im finally home. after seein all my weird relatives, a 14 hour flight, and yummy food. so anyways...
its like 1 in the mornin n i have REALLY BAD jetlack so im wide awake.

CHECK UR EMAILS PPL. if u c the list marissa made, spread the word 2 the ppl that dont check their email. so like guys check ur email n spread the word.

so, im kinda bored now. cuz none of u r online. but i shouldnt be surprised, ITS ONE IN THE MORNING. im gonna go get somethin 2 bored.

[ S U P E R - H E R O M A Y A ]

Friday, August 04, 2006

yeah... please check ur emails! but i guess if u dont check this blog, u dont check ur email... uh huh. but the emails i sent out w/ big CAPS 'please reply immediately' didnt get thru.... i only got a handful of responses... and my hand's SMALL!!!! no really... i got like 5 responses at most. so ppl who i know know about the party


uh huh.... thats 14 ppl! yay! more than half the class!!!! um..... yeah. but reply to the evite and comment and yeah.... thx

<33 mishee :P

Saturday, July 29, 2006

...and please provide a phone number...i've got pretty much all the girls but we need the guys'...hey guys out there! got a phone?? i another guy's phone number??

WHICH IDIOT DIDNT VOTE FOR ALLISON THIS WEEK????!!!!!??????????? arrrrrghhhhhhhhh.... i cant believe she got voted off!!! she was my favorite and the BEST dancer! i cant believe it!!! she sooo deserved to win the competition! she can do every type of dance.... omg omg omg. why didnt any of u ppl vote?????????? grrrr

hmph....and heidi & benji are COUSINS?????? since when did that happen? did anyone see dmitry w/ the "vote 4 natalie" sign? god, that was hilarious....

im still super mad!!!! u ppl suck! jk jk... but im still mad
-mishee :P

Monday, July 24, 2006

hey guys!
San Jose is FREAKIN hot! it's like 112 degrees here(literally!). and at night my neighbor has blackouts from 10 pm to 3 am. now the milk got curdled in the morning(i really wanted cereal for breakfast :,( )!

on the bright side, my pool got fixed! i haven't swam in that pool in like 3 years so it was all grous(sp. error) and green with all this algae in it! EWW! so the pool guy drained it and i got to walk inside the pool with no water in it. i would've roller skated inside but my dad would've killed me. so for the past few days i've been swimming like 3 or 2 hours a day :)

i can't for tomorrow! i going to a concert at pleasanton and this band "harry and the potters". And guess what their songs are about! Harry Potter(lame joke)! Anyways they're songs are awesome especially "Save Ginny Weasley" and "Wizard Chess".

In 2 weeks, i'm going to my 1st real big concert.. kelly clarkson! even if the tickets are far away,we get free parking at least :)so excited!

- katherine

Hey guys!!
Party planning in full swing, pour in suggestions people!!
Here are a couple of things you guys can vote on:
what day is for partying?
when's best for you?
to potluck or not to potluck?
stuff to do
umm...and ill think of some more [:
loll k.
india's pretty okayy.
i miss you guys helllllls.
omg hows elio?? he's in lebanon [right?] and the israelis are bombing it!!
love ya and miss ya SO BADD.
internet hugs and kisses,
when i get back, before the party, someday, i'm gonna invite everyone over. i need hugs!! hugfest!!
umm okay. [:

Saturday, July 22, 2006

hey! anyone see the "so you think you can dance?" this week????????? ok... so um... donyelle & dmitry did the lindy hop and samba, ivan & martha did hip-hop and the smooth waltz, ryan & allison did contemporary and broadway, heidi & travis did the pasa doble and contemporary, and natalie & benji did jazz and hip-hop..... omg. the paso doble was awesome, ryan & allison were awesome, and um..... natalie & benji were awesome...

then dmitry & martha got voted off! well, yeah. natalie couldnt get voted off even if she was in the bottom 2... and dmitry waws gonna leave (or ryan, who was also in the bottom 2).... well, yup... who else watches 'so you think you can dance'?????????????? huh...... im sooo BORED. ppl - PLEASE REPLY TO MY EMAILS and POST!

<33 mishee :-*

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

hey y'll it's arthi. going to india in 1 week. aaaah. we're buying all these skirts for the trip bcuz my mom says it's not "decent" to wear shorts there after ur 10. go figure. well, i personally want school to start. that's bcuz my most recent memory of it was the last couple days of school, and of course that was all fun. so in my memory, i view school as "friends and fun". i'm sure after the first week of 8th grade that will change drastically. anyways, enjoy the rest of your summer!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

hey! its mishee again! yay! did anyone see the "so you think you can dance" results show? so ashlee and musa got eliminated. :(
but at least natalie wont get paired up w/ dmitry. now they're all by themselves and they randomly pick their partners and their styles. THREE dances per week.... 2 w/ partners, one solo. WOW. it should be super exciting.
and i finally got my dvorak cd!!! yay! so, i think our reunion will be set on friday, aug 25, 2 - 5 pm. that sounds good to me. tell me what u think ppl!
<33 mishee :-*

Thursday, July 13, 2006

YES!!!!!!!! omg omg omg i absolutely LOVE the campbell library (which belongs to santa clara county, including saratoga, los altos, etc... not the san jose libraries...) well, like i said. i LOVE that library. guess why??????????? cuz it has a cd w/ the DVORAK CONCERTO IN A MINOR, OP. 53!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg that is the BEST. and its played by SARAH CHANG! yes! and then it also has the dvorak piano quintet no. 2 in a major... which i find boring. blah blah blah

haha! i just LOVE that campbell library.... omg its soooo awesome. it has the dvorak cd! which like none of the sj libraries had except for king (which has EVERYTHING). so who watched "so you think you can dance" last night. bottom three predictions: martha & travis (though they were good), heidi and ryan (heidi was really good... but she should be) and either ashlee & dmitry or natalie & musa..... i like both of them. i really like ashlee. but the BEST couple and my favorite one was ALLISON AND IVAN!!!! omg. GO ALLISON! i hope she wins. yup.... i still cant believe they kicked ben off before jaymz even tho jaymz FELL OF THE STAGE during his solo and bens turns were sooo much better. well, yeah. results show is today!

who else watches "so you think you can dance"???????? i guess im the only freak. haha. jk. -mishee :-* (is that the face for a kiss? cuz its supposed to be me chewing food. haha)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Okay, so I haven't died...yet.
OMG, this has been one EVENTFUL trip. Haha, I'm never coming to Bombay again!!
Two MAJOR things, Three RETARDED days.
So my grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins, me, parents, sister went to this AWESOME hill station on Friday. It was super scary deciding whether to go, 'cause the roads apparently had rockslides and all but we made it to the hugee bungalow safely. Haha, then my cousin unpacked his PS2 and we like played the whole day!!
(Sanj playing video games??! Aaah!) Lol, no, it was super fun. And the next day, we went touristing. I took awesome pics of the view, so I'll put them up later (: And I rode a horse (with my daddy of course). (AAH! Sanj riding horses??!!! Aren't they dangerous?!)
Haha, yeahh it was pretty awesome. The last day, we drove down to Pune to see our houses there. I forgot to take a pic, but it's super cool, like an Italian villa. And for buying that, we got membership to this Greek club next door, which is AMAZING!!! They have a swimming pool and waterfalls and the decor is SO NOT INDIA aka it's CLEAN! My god, it reallly felt like America, and it has a superb view.
Okay! At this point the day is going WAY TOO GOOD. *DRUMROLL* Enter bad news. Someone desecrated a statue of this politician's wife, and huge riots erupted all over the city. They're like burning buses in the areas we have to go through to get home. And everyone's calling and saying, 'Don't leave, don't leave. Stay where you're safe.' Like by this point, I'm SOO scared. I've never been in a riot before.
All I could think was, 'I don't wanna die!! I wanna go to Harvard before I die!!' I was so freaked the whole ride. Khushi got jealous when I snuggled up to my dad, but I was really, really nervous. By the time we reached the Bombay suburbs, it had died down, and hundreds of protestors were waiting for buses. I was like, 'How do you know they want to ride the bus, and not burn it?' Haha, but we made it home. Safe and SO sleepy.
The next days were okayy.
Yesterday afternoon, I got my graduation dance dress!! I'm not telling (: but I'll say one word: Titanic.
Haha, go figure! Then my sis nd I got stuff for Diwali and the parents obviously bought their stuff...yupp. I was so bored when my dad was buying his shirts I tested eyeliner and checked out all the makeup (: Loreal was more expensive there!, so Walgreens = best bet.
Haha. fine Target, not Walgreens. It's the company not the store (:
Okay, so again Day = TOO GOOD. So, we're shopping, right? And suddenly my uncle calls from his office, 'Bomb blasts. Go home.' Grr. And my mom's trying on clothes, so we like bought them and ran, to see if our driver was there. And we're like hearing random numbers. Some say '2' others say '5'. It took over an hour to get home, and we found out there were 7 all in trains. Millions of people stranded at stations and walking home. The buses were CROWDED beyond usual India CROWD. And bombs in trains, how encouraging when you're going to use them on Saturday. And not even in second class--first class compartments.
But, I survived. Yeah.
What an eventful trip.
More later and Loves!!


OMG guys, I just fell in love with all of you. (: No, I'm not lesbian.
Thankies SOO much for posting!! SMOOCH!!!
I mean the way we're all writing to each other is SUPER cool. TOTALLLY unbiased, united, unprejudiced (shit! I almost forgot how to spell predgudiced), unified, joint, combined, amalgamated, cohesive, integrated, incorporated, fused...
Haha, so all we need to work on is the other people!!
Get them to write and Happy Posting!!
Love love love love love,
*cyber kiss*

Monday, July 10, 2006

Wuddup it's Aakash. Currently im in the mother country of sweets,cows,autorickshaws, and fobs.Even tho India is a nice change for da summer, we all know summer is flying by too fast.I definetely dun wanna go back to skool cuz tons of pressure next year. My sister and I flew to India by ourselves. At first our parents didn't trust us cuz we were positive we would fite and rip each others throats by the end of the flight. But what was awesome was we got to sit at royals class for free even tho we payed for economy. All we did was asks the flight attendants if we could sit in royals class since there was some empty space, and she said yes! Royal class is paradise. They have a massaging chair,fold out t.v., special service, and all!

(Back to India), most of the days I hang out near the beach( da waves are tite..),play cricket,football(soccer for all those white people),and watch t.v. Speaking of soccer everyone here is crazed bout it. Most nites I sleep at 12 in da morning watching the matches. I sorta lost interest after Brazil's ass got kicked by France(Rhonaldheno rocks!). But Italy verses France was intense after Zidane missed overtime cuz of his red card. France coulda won if they had Zidane, since he pretty good penalty shooter. And like in the first 5 min. Theirry Henry got hurt!I was rooting for France but I felt Italy played a better game then they did.

Anwys, My friend here has a xbox so i usually go to his house. Recently I saw Superman Returns,Poseidon,Scary Movie 4,MI3, and other pirated movies. I agree with AJay on Superman Returns, and I am looking forwards to seeing POC2 although I forgot to see Katherine's spoiler warnings.

I went to Bangalore last week wich wasn't fricken hot like Chennai. THe main higlight of the trip was when i went to a national park there where i saw tigers and sloth bears. Once in a lifetime experience seeing tiger cubs three feet from the safari jeep.

Well im comin back to the states in two days and the reunion party seems cool if boyz come. Well live your summer to it's fullest and remember to blog faithfully(unlike me)

Hey, it's Ajay. I guess I'm the first guy to post here. w00t? Anyways, summer break is going by fast. It has nearly been half way. I'm not saying that I don't want to go back to school and meet up with everyone else, it is just that I want to relax. Barely been able to do that. Anyways, tommarow I am going to Boardwalk. Big drive, so better charge my iPod. Can't wait. No upside down rides though. Darn. Still, can't wait.
On another subject, FRANCE LOST! Nooo! (I know this is late, but hadn't really thought of blogging it. Anyways, I love what Zidane did though. Head-smash. I was laughing pretty hard, but then got scared since I knew Zidane would get red-carded. Apparently though, Materazzi, the Italian player who was hit, called Zidane a "dirty terrorist." That pissed him off and, well, he hit him. The rest of the French team said that the Italians were giving crap to Zidane the whole game, or atleast after he scored. Well, that guy deserved to be hit like that. Still can't get over how powerful that head-butt was. The Italian guy went flying.
Anyways, out of the soccer world, my brother and I saw Superman Returns, the movie. It was pretty good, but could have been better. Cinematics and animation were good, and at the theaters the sound is amazing. Pretty darn loud. Anyways, it wasn't spectacular; I would give it a 8/10. I would guess Pirates of the Carribean II would be better, but I still need to watch it. I suppose I'll watch it later this month.
Can't really think of anything else to blog. Cya later and have a great summer vacation. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

**Contain Spoilers of POTC:DMA**

So , I watched POTC:DMA(Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest), and i was so MAD
there's a fricken love triangle between elizabeth, will, and jack sparrow! like seriously, WTH!
The movie overall was contained tons of plot and it's definitley going to be an AWESOME trilogy because of the insane ending(someone who's name rhymes with black narrow dies), and i'm talkin about HECCA AWESOME!

**Contain Spoilers of POTC:DMA**

katherine 8D

im kinda bored. OMG i wore my france jersay and then this guy came up 2 me and he was like ITALY is gonna win. and then i got into this arguement with him! AND I DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHO HE WAS...

hey! ITALY won... oh well. italy's not that bad. they have Stradivarius-es and REALLY good pizza! haha. and they have rome which is like super cool and the LEANING TOWER OF PISA and venice which is the coolest bcuz its a city in WATER or H2O.. haha. and there are gondolas... however you spell it... and tons of other cool stuff. like GELATO! yay! :D well... yeah. hope all of you are enjoying ur summer! and keep posting EVERYONE! that means EVERYONE regardless of gender or height or hair color, and whatever else there is... etc etc etc -mishee :P

Saturday, July 08, 2006

i said in my last last post 'cuz france is where are the cool composers are.' or something like that... correction cuz france is where are the cool composers were from. -mishee :P

man, am i BORED. blah blah blah. why dont any of the guys post?? is having a blog girly or what? its like the same as a myspace. kinda. come on... we're never gonna bond at this rate. well, maybe we will. sure hope so. -mishee :P

GO FRANCE!!!! w00t! haha. cuz france is where all the cool composers are! yay!
haha -mishee :P

so its mishee again!!! yay! i read in a magazine (i think) that friendship consists of trust, belief, sympathy, forgiveness........ and something-else-that-i-forgot. oh well..... but lets establish some of those qualities along with reliance and love and whatever else it takes to make our class a super special and great one. hmm.... anyone notice that we are now from the Heard and McDonald Islands???? haha. i find that hilarious... wait did i spell that right?? well, cant wait til august or september or whenever school starts when we have to worry about our grades again and then deal with all the high school applications and essay stuff.......... and another DAR (our last!!! yay! :D) blah blah blah... and everything else
<33 mishee :P

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Just a question - why is the country set to a place called Reunion?
- Neethi

I think this is such a good idea! This is really interesting and it helps a lot because I MISS SCHOOL! I can't wait until 8th grade starts! It really doesn't make sense that during school, I keep on wishing that I didn't have so much to do, and in summer vacation I wish that I did. Does anyone else feel that way? Probably. Anyway, I did have a very un-boring ( very interesting and busy ) 4 days just recently. We went up north and stayed in a hotel in this place called Redding ( Have any of you even heard of that city/town before? I hadn't. ) and we visited many places.
We went to Lassen Volcanic National Park and there was SO MUCH SNOW there! In June and July! They had very late snow storms. Part of the main road running through the park was closed because they had to clear the snow from it. In some places they had something like 24 feet of snow and when they tried to clear it, it just fell back down on them and they had to start over so it was taking a while. In some places where we could go, they even had 12 feet of snow! It is really amazing to have so much snow in California at this time of year! I just realized that I am going on and on about that.
Anyway, at Lassen Volcanic National Park there was this place called Sulphur Works where there was volcanic activity going on very close to the surface. The magma inside the Earth was heating up water close to the surface and we could hear it boiling like crazy, and there were hydrogen sulfide vents where steam was coming out of holes in the ground! I don't know how to describe the smell. Some people like it and some people can't stand it. I was sort of in the middle. My mother likes that smell and I don't know why. We were not allowed to go past the gates that they had put in some areas because the ground could be very fragile and in some places you can fall through the ground into boiling water! There was also a tiny stream nearby that had water that looked unusually white with a little bit of brown maybe, and my father said that it probably had some chemicals like hydrogen sulfide mixed with it. It was all very exciting.
The scenery was so beautiful there! We could see Mount Lassen, which is a volcano, covered with snow in the middle and surrounding mountains with snow and the trees sticking up out of the snow. It was all whit and green and brown with clear blue lakes and streams and a clear, sunny blue sky. I just remembered there were amazing lakes! Sometimes you would have to see one to believe that it was possible to have a lake like that, with clear blue water and little waves and water currents that make the water look smooth and make you want to touch it. There was one lake right in Redding, and it had a bridge across it that was made with glass ( but not only glass; there was metal also ) and it worked as a sundial because it was held up by a tall needle-shaped sculpture that was on the land on one side. Ducks lived in that lake and we fed them with bread one day. They would not leave us alone after that and kept on looking at us for more, and finally they went away. There were some baby ducks too, and we wanted to feed them but if we did they might not have learned how to look for food by themselves in the wild properly. The water was freezing cold there and we went in anyway, because it was so hot outside, maybe even close to 100°F! There was also a little bit of very soft and fine sand that makes you really want to touch it.
We also went to see Mount Shasta, which was very beautiful. It was also covered with snow and trees with a clear blue sky. We went on a train ride a little way up the mountain to see it. There was a lady from Ukraine on the train who told us that the mountains reminded her of the Carpathian mountains. Remember the Carpathian mountains in Alicia? Alicia was born in a village there. We even visited the Shasta Caverns! They were caves with all the things we learned about in science like stalactites and stalagmites, and also other interesting and beautiful formations.
We had very interesting experiences in the mountains. We saw many animals such as deer and goats and bald eagles in the wild. The deer were so scared of us! Sometimes they even came up close and stared at us, but then they would always run away. There was beautiful scenery in the mountains also. We also had experiences getting lost and asking people for directions and then finally got good, clear directions from a UPS man. There was almost no one in the mountains compared to here. It was undisturbed nature.
There is so much beauty to see in nature. I never before had an experience like this, and I will never forget it.

hey... it's mishee again! sooo bored. nothing to do. well, looks like its gonna be france vs. italy..... hmm who to go for??? france is cool but italy has all the other cool stuff (like the guy who made the stradivarius violin was from italy!!!) haha.... but lalo was from france.... never mind. im rooting for france. saint-saens was from france. france should win, hands down. haha. but i know nothing actually about soccer.... haha. well, keep in touch w/ me everyone!!
<3333 mishee :P

heyyy!!! its mishee! yay :D haha... my first post. well, i love this idea. everyone keep on posting!!! haha. i am SOOO tempted to change the language to some random language.... but for all u guys's sake, i won't..... haha. email me and keep in touch so we can keep planning our get-together.
<333 mishee :P

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


heyy--- it's arthi. we were in tahoe for the long weekend =) it was fun, even if there wasn't any snow =( it looks like sanj has the most posts up here. well, see ya in august!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Yay. I'm in the land of lots of bugs, [...insert adjective [or gerund] here...] relatives, and yummy food.
What did you put for the inserted adjective??!
Looking for interesting answers and
Loves, Hugs, and

i cant believe france won!!!!!!!!
the whole time i was like, yea its all brazil, no problem.. BUT THEN I CHECK THE NEWS ON MY DAD'S CELL PHONE N THEN BARZIL N I WAS WTF!!!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

bored like crazy

World Cup enters semifinals!!
Haha...Maya can now proudly wear her Thierry Henry shirt!! France beat Brasil!! England lost ]]:
Looks like another all-euro finals! Germany v. Italia, France v. Portugal!
Who are you rooting for??

Friday, June 30, 2006

hey, guys! Maya again. I just wanna see how many of you guys want an only shawnee party or like class of 07 reunion. Just keep posting!

Hey guys,
[Okay, so I sent this out in an email, but yeah. (:]
Class of 07 party in the planning!!
By the current looks
of it, it's going to be very, very classy. We'll hit up at someone's pool, and drink to our 8th grade year...drink soda, that is. But still with the cocktail paper umbrellas (:
Tentatively scheduled for the fourth week of August, so let me know if you've got date/time preferences!
Details to come, so keep checking back to stay updated!

Sanj & the other people planning the partyy

P.S. Meridian/Shawnee-Harwood reunion also getting planned. Most likely, third week of August. So stay tuned!
P.P.S. Evites going out next week! So send me your email address ( and let me know whether you have day/time preferences!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

ey this is ishee.
it be spiffy keepin a blogg over summer/8th grade
maybe it bring our class a bit closer.
we shouldd have a class of 07 partyy! maybe at the beach or at the pool cuz its soo hott.
i can't waitt till school starts, 60 days, and counting!
iSH xx fade

hey guys!

i think the idea of us having a get-together sounds fun. i mean it SOULD be fun. and we really need to work on getting along....
anyways... if you guys have any ideas SHARE!



60 days 'til school starts!

[Yeah, I couldn`t wait to write another blog :P]

I think most of us can wait 60 days. In some ways, I can't, in some ways I can. 8th grade is going to be one major roller coaster.
As soon as we get back, the workload's on again. Especially because the first term, we're trying to get used to Geometry but still maintain our averages for high school. On top of that, there's Student Council elections. Some of us have already announced what we're running for, but the campaigns continue! Then DAR, again. Thank god, it`s our last year. Can they at least choose a more interesting topic? Do I look like I want to write another essay on Thomas Jefferson? 'Course, there's Winter Break. But that starts on some obscure Tuesday. What's with Challenger letting us out on such wacko days?
Then, there are the HS entrance exams. Am I the only one freaking?
But, finally, finally, finally...DC!! I've been waiting for
ages. In sixth grade, it seemed SO far away. Right now it does too. But we`re finally getting there! Pretty expensive, though! Maybe we'll even stay at the Holiday Inn in Washington D.C.!! Hey, some girls wanna come shop with me at Barney's New York?...window shop, I meant. And Bergdorf Goodman, H&M, Urban Outfitters, FAO&Schwartz...hey guys, you asleep yet?
I want Mr. Whiteley to go with us. Haha, there's a HUGE museum of American History. He'll probably camp out there. Or when the doors are closing, he'll go hide in the bathroom. Then come out and keep exploring at night. :D
The plane ride is between six to nine hours long, depending on whether we fly out at night or in the morning. But, even if we fly at night, we all know--nobody's going to be sleeping.
The picture's so amazing, I want to be there right now... Mr. Whiteley leading the pack, each one of us tramping behind him with our sophisticated rolling carry-on bags, the parents waving from the glass doors...I hope mine don't cry!! AAH! And then, getting off the flight, taking the keys to our hotel room (who's the most responsible of your roomies??) and jumping in!
And of course, don't forget to lock the doors that join our rooms together. Or you might just wake up with whipped cream all over your face! You didn't think we'd forget our list of pranks, did you? Haha, as for me, I'm making up a trick for everyone. Yeah...fine, I'll get twenty-something back in return!! You'll probably want revenge, unless you're
enjoying the naked Britney Spears magazine stuffed in your bag!
Ooh, Zoya and me...erm...I and all you caffeine addicts out there...somebody coming with me to Starbucks every morning? Hmm...or let's try some real coffee in the hotel? Haha, Mr. Whiteley's probably going to confiscate our food money.
GOD, DC`s going to be SO MUCH fun. And rooming with your buddies? (Figured out your roomies yet??)
It`s going to be one SUPER week.`s a while off. ):


>> Coffee addicts and plane buddies >>

Class of `07 pride!!

Hey guys,
This is our blog. Yeah. Our blog. I do mean...our blog. Aren`t you ecstatic? Hey well, maybe that`s just me. (:
It`s for us, for us to share the unity we haven`t really had so far.
chronicle this specialer-than-special eighth grade year, say your thoughts, post your philosophy (:, write up stories, stay updated, and have one helluva time.
Everyone has access to this blog. You`ll get the password asap. So,
write as much as you want to and can!
And for some of you,
cough cough, there are, obviously, boundaries of respect. Don`t delete anything without the permission of the author, please. Keep it nice, guys! Don`t screw up the profile, please. If you don`t agree with someone`s favorite hobby or something, don`t erase theirs. Just put yours. Sharing is caring. Share webspace! If you wanna change something, get a general consensus, `kay? Thankies :D.
This isn`t about the cliques and the popularity. It`s about unity, as the Class of 06 gave such a great example! It`s about
globalism, as Ishee puts it. Let`s all be friends, people!
Because, we`re
sharing this blog, you know in the sections where it says favorite etc...and where it right now says `each person for their own,` write in one thing for that category...once you can log in, that is.
That`s pretty much it. And I really hope we can all overcome the teeny social barriers and really be one, big, happy family. :P