class of `07

class of oo7. license to kill.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

hey! anyone see the "so you think you can dance?" this week????????? ok... so um... donyelle & dmitry did the lindy hop and samba, ivan & martha did hip-hop and the smooth waltz, ryan & allison did contemporary and broadway, heidi & travis did the pasa doble and contemporary, and natalie & benji did jazz and hip-hop..... omg. the paso doble was awesome, ryan & allison were awesome, and um..... natalie & benji were awesome...

then dmitry & martha got voted off! well, yeah. natalie couldnt get voted off even if she was in the bottom 2... and dmitry waws gonna leave (or ryan, who was also in the bottom 2).... well, yup... who else watches 'so you think you can dance'?????????????? huh...... im sooo BORED. ppl - PLEASE REPLY TO MY EMAILS and POST!

<33 mishee :-*

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

hey y'll it's arthi. going to india in 1 week. aaaah. we're buying all these skirts for the trip bcuz my mom says it's not "decent" to wear shorts there after ur 10. go figure. well, i personally want school to start. that's bcuz my most recent memory of it was the last couple days of school, and of course that was all fun. so in my memory, i view school as "friends and fun". i'm sure after the first week of 8th grade that will change drastically. anyways, enjoy the rest of your summer!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

hey! its mishee again! yay! did anyone see the "so you think you can dance" results show? so ashlee and musa got eliminated. :(
but at least natalie wont get paired up w/ dmitry. now they're all by themselves and they randomly pick their partners and their styles. THREE dances per week.... 2 w/ partners, one solo. WOW. it should be super exciting.
and i finally got my dvorak cd!!! yay! so, i think our reunion will be set on friday, aug 25, 2 - 5 pm. that sounds good to me. tell me what u think ppl!
<33 mishee :-*