class of `07

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

hey everyone!
thanks for coming to the party! (everyone who did come). hope u didnt leave anything behind and if u did, i hope we have them & u get it back on mon. so thanks for coming and i hope u guys all had a great time! hope we can do this again soon.
<## MiSHEE

Friday, August 25, 2006

hey guys!
the party was AWESOME! i kinda left my pool toys at the pool so if someone brought those toys home, thank you so much! if those toys are still at the pool, uh, well... that would just suck :( if someone has them , please bring them to school and i'm so sorry i forgot them!!

- katherine

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

hey ppl!!! the party is TWO DAYS AWAY!!!! yay! but that also means..... school is five days away.... :(
i dont mind school... just the hw and tests and projects.... but ill see u all soon!
<## MiSHEE
ps. i hope the weather's ok on the 25th.

here's who's coming:


aakash is still a maybe

pps. rami - u dont have to bring chips! thx anyway

Monday, August 21, 2006

tons of pics.
tomorrow. okays?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

have no fear, ARTHI IS HERE!!!!!
i finally am back from india! 3 weeks is really too much. anyways i flew back alone and it was totally awesome cuz i was an "unaccompanied minor" so i got all these priviledges. true, ppl were taking me everywhere, and that was kinda annoying , cuz i'm not a baby!!!! but i didn't have to wait in those lines ( i got to cut) and instead of waiting at gates i got to wait in the SPECIAL VIP LOUNGE. the special vip lounge actually isn't that much different from the gate xcept it has a tv, the room is smaller, and the seat's are bigger. but i got to watch cartoons until my flight was here =).well on the plane i watched akeelah and the bee cuz it was the only good movie on. ever since my mom found out i watched it she's been bugging me about how hard the girl in the movie worked and why can't i do that. ugh.

c u friday!
p.s to aakash -- u can't stay in a first class seat on a plane when u paid for economy. even if there were empty seats. it's illegal. the flight attendant u asked must have been very stupid.