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Thursday, July 13, 2006

YES!!!!!!!! omg omg omg i absolutely LOVE the campbell library (which belongs to santa clara county, including saratoga, los altos, etc... not the san jose libraries...) well, like i said. i LOVE that library. guess why??????????? cuz it has a cd w/ the DVORAK CONCERTO IN A MINOR, OP. 53!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg that is the BEST. and its played by SARAH CHANG! yes! and then it also has the dvorak piano quintet no. 2 in a major... which i find boring. blah blah blah

haha! i just LOVE that campbell library.... omg its soooo awesome. it has the dvorak cd! which like none of the sj libraries had except for king (which has EVERYTHING). so who watched "so you think you can dance" last night. bottom three predictions: martha & travis (though they were good), heidi and ryan (heidi was really good... but she should be) and either ashlee & dmitry or natalie & musa..... i like both of them. i really like ashlee. but the BEST couple and my favorite one was ALLISON AND IVAN!!!! omg. GO ALLISON! i hope she wins. yup.... i still cant believe they kicked ben off before jaymz even tho jaymz FELL OF THE STAGE during his solo and bens turns were sooo much better. well, yeah. results show is today!

who else watches "so you think you can dance"???????? i guess im the only freak. haha. jk. -mishee :-* (is that the face for a kiss? cuz its supposed to be me chewing food. haha)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Okay, so I haven't died...yet.
OMG, this has been one EVENTFUL trip. Haha, I'm never coming to Bombay again!!
Two MAJOR things, Three RETARDED days.
So my grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins, me, parents, sister went to this AWESOME hill station on Friday. It was super scary deciding whether to go, 'cause the roads apparently had rockslides and all but we made it to the hugee bungalow safely. Haha, then my cousin unpacked his PS2 and we like played the whole day!!
(Sanj playing video games??! Aaah!) Lol, no, it was super fun. And the next day, we went touristing. I took awesome pics of the view, so I'll put them up later (: And I rode a horse (with my daddy of course). (AAH! Sanj riding horses??!!! Aren't they dangerous?!)
Haha, yeahh it was pretty awesome. The last day, we drove down to Pune to see our houses there. I forgot to take a pic, but it's super cool, like an Italian villa. And for buying that, we got membership to this Greek club next door, which is AMAZING!!! They have a swimming pool and waterfalls and the decor is SO NOT INDIA aka it's CLEAN! My god, it reallly felt like America, and it has a superb view.
Okay! At this point the day is going WAY TOO GOOD. *DRUMROLL* Enter bad news. Someone desecrated a statue of this politician's wife, and huge riots erupted all over the city. They're like burning buses in the areas we have to go through to get home. And everyone's calling and saying, 'Don't leave, don't leave. Stay where you're safe.' Like by this point, I'm SOO scared. I've never been in a riot before.
All I could think was, 'I don't wanna die!! I wanna go to Harvard before I die!!' I was so freaked the whole ride. Khushi got jealous when I snuggled up to my dad, but I was really, really nervous. By the time we reached the Bombay suburbs, it had died down, and hundreds of protestors were waiting for buses. I was like, 'How do you know they want to ride the bus, and not burn it?' Haha, but we made it home. Safe and SO sleepy.
The next days were okayy.
Yesterday afternoon, I got my graduation dance dress!! I'm not telling (: but I'll say one word: Titanic.
Haha, go figure! Then my sis nd I got stuff for Diwali and the parents obviously bought their stuff...yupp. I was so bored when my dad was buying his shirts I tested eyeliner and checked out all the makeup (: Loreal was more expensive there!, so Walgreens = best bet.
Haha. fine Target, not Walgreens. It's the company not the store (:
Okay, so again Day = TOO GOOD. So, we're shopping, right? And suddenly my uncle calls from his office, 'Bomb blasts. Go home.' Grr. And my mom's trying on clothes, so we like bought them and ran, to see if our driver was there. And we're like hearing random numbers. Some say '2' others say '5'. It took over an hour to get home, and we found out there were 7 all in trains. Millions of people stranded at stations and walking home. The buses were CROWDED beyond usual India CROWD. And bombs in trains, how encouraging when you're going to use them on Saturday. And not even in second class--first class compartments.
But, I survived. Yeah.
What an eventful trip.
More later and Loves!!


OMG guys, I just fell in love with all of you. (: No, I'm not lesbian.
Thankies SOO much for posting!! SMOOCH!!!
I mean the way we're all writing to each other is SUPER cool. TOTALLLY unbiased, united, unprejudiced (shit! I almost forgot how to spell predgudiced), unified, joint, combined, amalgamated, cohesive, integrated, incorporated, fused...
Haha, so all we need to work on is the other people!!
Get them to write and Happy Posting!!
Love love love love love,
*cyber kiss*

Monday, July 10, 2006

Wuddup it's Aakash. Currently im in the mother country of sweets,cows,autorickshaws, and fobs.Even tho India is a nice change for da summer, we all know summer is flying by too fast.I definetely dun wanna go back to skool cuz tons of pressure next year. My sister and I flew to India by ourselves. At first our parents didn't trust us cuz we were positive we would fite and rip each others throats by the end of the flight. But what was awesome was we got to sit at royals class for free even tho we payed for economy. All we did was asks the flight attendants if we could sit in royals class since there was some empty space, and she said yes! Royal class is paradise. They have a massaging chair,fold out t.v., special service, and all!

(Back to India), most of the days I hang out near the beach( da waves are tite..),play cricket,football(soccer for all those white people),and watch t.v. Speaking of soccer everyone here is crazed bout it. Most nites I sleep at 12 in da morning watching the matches. I sorta lost interest after Brazil's ass got kicked by France(Rhonaldheno rocks!). But Italy verses France was intense after Zidane missed overtime cuz of his red card. France coulda won if they had Zidane, since he pretty good penalty shooter. And like in the first 5 min. Theirry Henry got hurt!I was rooting for France but I felt Italy played a better game then they did.

Anwys, My friend here has a xbox so i usually go to his house. Recently I saw Superman Returns,Poseidon,Scary Movie 4,MI3, and other pirated movies. I agree with AJay on Superman Returns, and I am looking forwards to seeing POC2 although I forgot to see Katherine's spoiler warnings.

I went to Bangalore last week wich wasn't fricken hot like Chennai. THe main higlight of the trip was when i went to a national park there where i saw tigers and sloth bears. Once in a lifetime experience seeing tiger cubs three feet from the safari jeep.

Well im comin back to the states in two days and the reunion party seems cool if boyz come. Well live your summer to it's fullest and remember to blog faithfully(unlike me)

Hey, it's Ajay. I guess I'm the first guy to post here. w00t? Anyways, summer break is going by fast. It has nearly been half way. I'm not saying that I don't want to go back to school and meet up with everyone else, it is just that I want to relax. Barely been able to do that. Anyways, tommarow I am going to Boardwalk. Big drive, so better charge my iPod. Can't wait. No upside down rides though. Darn. Still, can't wait.
On another subject, FRANCE LOST! Nooo! (I know this is late, but hadn't really thought of blogging it. Anyways, I love what Zidane did though. Head-smash. I was laughing pretty hard, but then got scared since I knew Zidane would get red-carded. Apparently though, Materazzi, the Italian player who was hit, called Zidane a "dirty terrorist." That pissed him off and, well, he hit him. The rest of the French team said that the Italians were giving crap to Zidane the whole game, or atleast after he scored. Well, that guy deserved to be hit like that. Still can't get over how powerful that head-butt was. The Italian guy went flying.
Anyways, out of the soccer world, my brother and I saw Superman Returns, the movie. It was pretty good, but could have been better. Cinematics and animation were good, and at the theaters the sound is amazing. Pretty darn loud. Anyways, it wasn't spectacular; I would give it a 8/10. I would guess Pirates of the Carribean II would be better, but I still need to watch it. I suppose I'll watch it later this month.
Can't really think of anything else to blog. Cya later and have a great summer vacation. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

**Contain Spoilers of POTC:DMA**

So , I watched POTC:DMA(Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest), and i was so MAD
there's a fricken love triangle between elizabeth, will, and jack sparrow! like seriously, WTH!
The movie overall was contained tons of plot and it's definitley going to be an AWESOME trilogy because of the insane ending(someone who's name rhymes with black narrow dies), and i'm talkin about HECCA AWESOME!

**Contain Spoilers of POTC:DMA**

katherine 8D

im kinda bored. OMG i wore my france jersay and then this guy came up 2 me and he was like ITALY is gonna win. and then i got into this arguement with him! AND I DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHO HE WAS...

hey! ITALY won... oh well. italy's not that bad. they have Stradivarius-es and REALLY good pizza! haha. and they have rome which is like super cool and the LEANING TOWER OF PISA and venice which is the coolest bcuz its a city in WATER or H2O.. haha. and there are gondolas... however you spell it... and tons of other cool stuff. like GELATO! yay! :D well... yeah. hope all of you are enjoying ur summer! and keep posting EVERYONE! that means EVERYONE regardless of gender or height or hair color, and whatever else there is... etc etc etc -mishee :P