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class of oo7. license to kill.

Friday, August 11, 2006

hey! im back from music camp (which was like THE awesome-est week of my summer) it was like music the whole day.... class started at nine and ended at 3:30. then i had an hour of practice time! lunch was an hour & half.... we sooo need that at school! haha.... yeah. we went to the bookstore (ask sanj) cuz no one wanted to practice w/ me at lunch!!!!!! hello???? why do u go to music camp then??

yeah. so ppl.... there is something called PHONE so call up ur friends who dont kno about the party (or ppl who have not seen the evite yet) and tell them to check their emails.... cuz if u dont check ur email, what's the point of having one??? wait.... maybe i should think about that myself. but yeah.... *AWARD FOR BEST HYPOCRITE OF THE MONTH GOES TO MiSHEE!!!* haha. but yeah. so ppl... call up ur friends the list is longer now..... so yeah. it is.... i believe:


and i dunno who else... but contact ppl, okay?

<## MiSHEE

Thursday, August 10, 2006

hey guys..
i went 2 target n i got the new cassie CD. its pretty good. i also got a gameboy advamce SP. w00t. yea cuz my mom gave my other one away w/o tellin me, so i went n bought one. i saw brandon there...kinda weird. he was playin the demo games n cuzzin at them when he weas losin. HE CUSSES LOUD....
so yea. its REALLY hot 2day...

[ S U P E R - H E R O M A Y A ]

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hey guys. im REALLY BORED rite now...
i have been jetlacked so much that i get up 4:30 in the morning and go bak 2 sleep at like noon. lol. its really weird.
OMG. there is this movie called goal the dream begins. n i wanted 2 c it b4 we left, so i saw the pirated copy in
i luv gettin dvds 4 a cheaper yea.
[ S U P E R - H E R O M A Y A ]

Monday, August 07, 2006

heylo peoples :P
i`m super pooped from the planee. i woke up halfway through landing in sfo and felt like screaming the f-word at the friggin pilot n people. my ears hurt like heeell and popped like so frickin hardd. i swear, i thought my ears were gonna explode; the pressure kept building up.
fwack! oops there goes an ear!, yeah. lols xD.
feel bad for all of you who still have a 24 hr plane ride back!!

anyway, feels awesome to be back home and un-awesome to calculate how much i spent on cheapo stuff that when totaled up looks so...UN-CHEAPO. but glad to have aim back, and my sweet old computer with the keyboard that loves me and actually listens [:
my frickin godd, i miss you guys so much. i can't wait for school to start!!
hopefully all of you guys can make it to the party::

HEY GUYS!!! im finally home. after seein all my weird relatives, a 14 hour flight, and yummy food. so anyways...
its like 1 in the mornin n i have REALLY BAD jetlack so im wide awake.

CHECK UR EMAILS PPL. if u c the list marissa made, spread the word 2 the ppl that dont check their email. so like guys check ur email n spread the word.

so, im kinda bored now. cuz none of u r online. but i shouldnt be surprised, ITS ONE IN THE MORNING. im gonna go get somethin 2 bored.

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