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class of oo7. license to kill.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

hey everybodyyy,
for those of you who don't check your email like me... im sending out a reminder. The party is on the 30th. If you want my address, CHECK YOUR EMAIL. cuz im not posting it hereee lol. anywayyy im really bored but sanj, umm i mite be able to come for the movie. SO COUNT ME IN. besides that, if anybody knows anybody else that is going to bell summer school, let me know. cuz like the only ppls i know r drea, rohit (the old one at harwood), shalin, sri, uma, and the short twin. ANDD KIMMYY but she leaves early.. - - Y IS THE CAMPUS O BIGG. its pretty tho. good luck to patrick and aakash going there!
talk to you laterrrr

Monday, June 18, 2007

Ok, so if you don't check your email inbox, what's the chance you'll check the blog? Anyway, happy Summer o7, I hope you guys are rockin' it out to the hardest, having the best fun at the Just Kidding.
Shoutouts:, I'll get back to you.
...uh, I guess that's a Shoutout sans me see more crap before I get to the point...Ctrl-G = Hindi transliteration, babby! Okay, so whatever the crap's up with me, I read a BLACK book this weekend, so I'm gonna start being like, "Shet up, boyy. I ain't down with no shit like that. You a trip, girlfriend." JK. I made some lemonaiide, so I'm pretty HIGH.

Yeah. OK, down to business:
June 21: I need to know what movie time is okay for Ocean's Thirteen.
Info: 1 hr, 53 mins long.
Location: Oakridge Century 20
Showtimes available: 6:15, 6:50, 7:40, 8:20
Recommendations: We don't want to eat later than the movie because the food court might close. Also, we might not want to do a late movie because the parents do have to pick us up.
As of now, I think we've agreed on the 7:40 show. As Ish said in an email, we will need to be in the theatres by 7:30, so maybe come a little earlier. Dinner/whatever-meal-you-want-to-call-it will take place before the movie. So, let us know what works out!

June 30 is Maya's Party.

Vasona Lake BBQ.
Location: Vasona Lake, duh?
Pick a Date: July 7, July 8, July 14, July 15
It can be a potluck and picnic, etc.

Pool Party
Location: Undecided
Pick a Date: First weekend of August?

And, we'll definitely do three/or more things in between.
Let me know when you guys are NOT available and what dates you are out of town.

Luvvs, Sanj

Sunday, June 17, 2007

hey everybodyyyy
summer has started and im sad, cuz i cant see ur faces on monday( except for kim!)-_-
MANISHA - the prize wus some crap trophy coddington madee. lol
but hows everybody's summer going? I havent really started doing anything yet. BUT i started looking at where I should buy food for the party, I let you guys know more about the menu later. ( for rt and sanj, there is stuff 4 u guys 2 eat! ) but, if you guys have any suggestions on food, (WHICH WILL TTLY HELP!) let me know! I'm totally lookin forward to the party so I can see you guys again. hope you are too!

-maya r. (cant sign as ms. pres anymore..)