class of `07

class of oo7. license to kill.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

okay so im startin 2 get pics for the scrapbook!!! so just a reminder... if u have pics pleaseee send em 2 me!!! i will be grateful thennn! heres some of the ones i already haveeeee! enjoy!

O! n sanj.. can u send me the newspaper pics u have 4 halloween this year!! n anything u havent already sent me!!!
-ms. pres

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hahaha Yayy! Manisha commentedd (:
So yes, every smiley did look VERY VERY FAKE.
Don't think that I was smiling because of everything, but today, it just felt so numb and blank, that I smiled despite everything. It's been such a tumultuous week that I just smiled and went crazy again...releasing those endorphins...and they kicked in.
So basically, a nut's loose up there.
Love, Sanj

hey ppls!
well i like 2 post these picsss
n u can blame marissa 4 it
cuz she only posted stuff 2 hide it! LOLLL

hows the studyin 4 science goinggg
cuz im like 3/4s done. wus math easyyy?? yea im prolly gonna be up really late doin stufff..
- ms. pres

if you dont like reading my billions of posts, you can blame MAYA.... she knows why. lolll. haha
well.... wtv. you know.... i feel like mrs hamstra's on vacation, and in like a month or a few weeks, she'll be back.

i wonder what E-10 will look like next year... if there's anyone left, maybe i'll visit. and if i see a completely new room - new posters, new STUFF.... maybe that's when it'll hit me. cuz i think everything she left is gonna stay til the end of the year.
wonder who our new teacher's gonna be.... depressing subjects.

ok. ummm....... :] maybe looking at smiley faces will make us all feel better.... but i know that the weekend after she left, every smiley face or every happy person looked fakely happy to me.... i dont know. strange feelings passing through my mind... kinda creepy. wtv
<3 marissa

omg. so today i was actually EARLY to swim practice so i brought my math hw. after we got out, i was wet (duh!) and i said to my friend, "oh no. im gonna get my math notebook wet." and she laughed. and i said "i love my math notebook." and she was like "yeah? it's like your child or something?" and i couldnt help but smile. cuz it is. remember how mrs hamstra would always tell us the leaving-the-baby-under-the-table story when we forgot our math notebooks? good times.yeahhh. haha. well, wtv. have to study science....
<33marissa//stillshocked\\i guess...//its like im numb now//cant feel the pain//but the pain's still there\\i kinda wish it would hurt every now&then... i dunno.

Monday, March 12, 2007

well, as most ppls know.. I LOVE CREEPY MOVIESSSS
so i know the grudge 2 has already come out, but i only got to watch it on saturday..
and let me tell the ppl know, if u r of the faint of heart or dont like the grudge, dont look at the pics or watch the movie! lollll
so if anybody is that interested... i'll tell u what happens at school cuz i dont feel like posting and i hafta do my
so anyway..

i hope people WILL WATCH THIS MOVIE... even if it creeps u outttt
well heres the really good thing, if u live through it once, u can tell everybody u've watched it n they'll thing ur intense..
but dont watch it just cuz ur dared 2 or sumthin..lolll
- ms. pres

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Isn't that awesome we had to change our clocks today?? We got to see Mrs. Hamstra (and, of course, everyone else!) an hour earlier!! :D YAY.

-- Kim

jeez this time it took me 4ever 2 log innn
but anywayyyy
cant wait till 4444!
im bored now.