class of `07

class of oo7. license to kill.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

hey everyone
well..... our test wasn't as easy as maya's.... we had 2 2-column proofs--like prove the triangle is isosceles or prove angle R is congruent to angle Q... and science was pretty much general stuff... yeah.
so wtv. hope you guys all did well!
<33 marissa

so ive got a couple things to say. so first the dance! WAS SOO MUCH FUN. who knew that swing dancing was awesome. and malik, ur a good dancer! 0_0 jk jk. and this dance was better than any so far. with the dance off and swing. seconddd testsss. so i came bak from my placement test like 6 hours ago but i remember it. so u'll prolly start with algebra. as long as u review algebra u wont have any problems. in the beginning it'll seem easy n then it'll start to get hard (so watch out!) and for geometry, dont even worry about it. well i do mean worry but dont freak cuz most of the questions were simple. e.g. the sum of 2 complementary angles is ___ DUH YOU GUYS R GONNA BE FINEEE.
-ms. pres

Friday, April 20, 2007

hey everyone!
just wanted to say good luck on tests tomorrow!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Hey again! This picture is just for Manisha! Who is totally for the movie Flushed Away. I havent seen the movie myself buttt by the way manisha talks about it, it looks pretty good and "funny"
i wouldnt really know if its funny becuz everytime she tries and tells me a joke from the movie, she starts to crack up. so watch the movie! (for manisha's happiness) loll
-ms. pres

Heyyyy everybody! I hope everybody enjoyed break. I sure did....
anyway, school is going to be hard for the beginning weeks but on the bright side, the dance is this friday, so i guess this week is somewhat shorter! Over the break I worked alot on the scrapbook so I'll bring it on Friday. I did the pictures from Christmas and our 2nd sports day. (i didnt have our 1st sports day and i know im doing the pictures kinda late! ^_^) Just a reminder, if you have pictures of any school event, let me know!!!
-ms. pres

Sunday, April 15, 2007

hey everyone!
wow. things are gonna be different in about 2 months. i think we should have lunch or dinner at fresh choice every other month or something. lol
well, wtv. who actually bothers keeping up with this blog? lol.
hope everyone's enjoying their break. i havent really done any hw. and i seriously need to study for next saturday. :0
lovee, marissa :D