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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Haha...Marissa, you're crazy!
But I can't wait either. Tomorrow's going to be a long day with a ton of stuff for me to pack...I hope I don't forget Rami's eggplant (it's in the fridge)...and I have an orchestra concert (all-black...bleargh! I better not forget my jeans)...also I have to put pretttty paper and decorate 'the box'...Wait! How do I get the eggplant in there? I'll have to cut like a hole and stuff it in there and surgically stitch it up (Oh wait, Marissa can do that!). brain is going pretty fast right now, and I don't remember much...
I hope the picture thing works out! Oh yeah, I have to write a letter to Mrs. Hamstra, or something like a card or just cuz thing...because yeah, I do.
I'll do that after dinner (which I hope is tasty...really hope.).
So...thanks for listening to my ramblings, and I'll see you guys tomorrow. I can't wait to see Mrs. Hamstra's face when she sees the photo! I hope I get there sort of early...because I don't want to be late and confused (as I tend to be).!
Love, Sanj

RAWR. omg i cant wait! eh... well, yeah. love you all :D <3
<3 marissa :D

hey everyone!
omg. i cant WAIT til tomorrow! i am literally counting SECONDS!!!!!!!!! i got to talk to mrs hamstra a little bit last night and she just said to tell everyone to bring whatever they want. we're gonna have a pizza party, and its gonna be so much fun. i hope the whole blow-up picture thing is going well - i think she'll love it. anyway, cant wait to see mrs hamstra tomorrow and all of you guys! the whole shock thing is a lot better now, but i think we're all still stunned. i know that, to me, mrs hamstra is still there. it feels like she's just on vacation and we're having a sub until she comes back. we all miss her and love her. once again, if any of you ever need anything, i'm here. i love you all! <333
<3 marissa :D
i just cant WAIT until tomorrow! for once, i'm kinda glad daylight savings is tonight! that makes me wait an hour less!!!!!! :D

hola ppl
im workin on the Class of 2007 scrapbook rite now. so if anybody has 8TH GRADE pictures they want to share i will be very happy! ^_^ If u want to contribute, just put ur pics on a CD and give it 2 me. i'll give u bak ur CD. but yea and sanjj u remember when we went the 6th grade museum thing and we took our pic in front of the mapp?? can u send me that pic? thanxs OOO and kim.. I can send u the quotes but can u send me the pics we took on friday?? more thanxsss
- ms. pres

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hey guys,
I hope we're all doing well. Mrs. Hamstra is always reminding us that she left but she knows that we are strong, we will not suffer, and as far as emotional pain goes, she knows it is a part of life, but change will lead to better. It's hard, but call her, and you will really, really appreciate those minutes with her--they cause you to take a complete different approach.
So, enough consolation and introduction, as you know we are going to her house this Sunday (hope you can make it!) and even so there are three things (well, more) going on for her, so please take action accordingly.
1. This is extremely urgent: Rami will be collecting funds for a gift for Mrs. Hamstra tomorrow! That way she can have a hugomongous gift card from ALL of us. So, if you guys could bring $10 tomorrow, it's going to be a really nice going-away-but-never-out-of-our-lives present to give to her at her house, and show her how much we all really care.
2. Also, extremely urgent: Mrs. Hamstra's box closes tomorrow because we want to bring that to her Sunday! Please bring something, she's looking forward to our assortment. If you're still in need of ideas: pencils, math notebooks, rulers, 'big' erasers, or those letters she made us write and re-write to get permission to come to her house in December...what else? Her number line stickers... So, please don't forget and pack your 'baby' in your bag now!
3. This is urgent as well: Mrs. Hamstra had said that she wanted to start a school. Ish is collecting funds (from $1 to $million) to donate to a charity that does attempt to educate children in Africa, and we will do so in Mrs. Hamstra's name. Please, we encourage you to bring your money, and do so by next Friday to help the disadvantaged of our generation.
4. I think everyone has signed the cards that Maya bought but just make sure that you're not missing.
Thanks so much you guys. Lots of stuff to remember for tomorrow. Can't wait for Sunday!
Love ya lots,

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hey (:

Um... can somebody send me Mrs. Hamstra's quotes? I'd love ya, thanks.

It's nice how everyone is recovering. Even thought she left us, she'll be in our mind and our hearts, and we'll probably be in hers. And we know that even if she may not be our teacher, she's still like our parent and somebody who has taught us the value of life. Make sure to bring something for her box because Mrs. Hamstra needs a piece of everybody: "memorabilia" Ha.

Love you guys, Kim

hey guysss
i thought i wud be nice to see a small recap of our school yearrrr
^_^ enjoys!!!

P.S. i luv arthi's eyes in one of the pics. u cant c her face tho..LOL

- maya

hey everybody..
so yes talking about mrs. hamstra is weird but c'mon, i mean yea it is hard. i now it wus 4 me... but from the way today went, i think our wounds are healing pretty well. just remember im always hereee just like sanj n marissa to talk to. DONT EVER BE AFRAID TO TALK OR CRY. trust me, its a good way of getting rid of emotions. anyway, feel free to blog about it 2!
- ms. pres

Monday, March 05, 2007

Hey you guys,
Yes, still shocked and stunned, I know. Even though sometimes the tears aren't flowing out here, I'm still crying much as everyone is telling us, or me, to move's hard, it'll take time. I'm glad that we are coming closer, we still have so much to do as a class.
Also, I'm going to try to bring in a box tomorrow. If possible, I want to fill it with little things that we don't want Mrs. Hamstra to leave behind, or little articles she can remember us by. Those artistically inclined can decorate the box if you want, so it looks pretty. Two people in our class have suggested that because they drive by the area during the week, they might be able to drop the box off, saving us postage. So please, if you have math notebooks that you forgot during a notebook quiz, or ruined math homework, rulers or erasers or calculators she caught you distracted by, anything special that has a story with her behind it...we can attach a small note with each item...please bring those if you don't mind parting with them.
I hope this all works out, and remember that we are always there for each other.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

hey everyone. tomorrow is gonna be so so so so weird. but i know that if we believe in each other and if we believe in mrs hamstra's love, we can make it through the day - no matter how different and weird it is. lemme know if any of you need anything. you can call me anytime. im here for you, and your friends are there for you. we can do this. together. when we believe.
<3 marissa :D

hey everyone. i know that it still feels really weird. i talked to mrs hamstra today, trying to invite her to my concert... her daughter's visiting this weekend. so that's good that her family is there with her to help her through this hard time. but she said to me that she hoped we understood - why she left and why she had to leave. she said that sometimes to make changes for the better, you have to sacrifice. it was so hard for her to leave us, but she sacrificed us so that we could have a chance at having a better time, of getting a better education. she left with us in her heart and in her mind. so never forget that. she loves us all so much. she told me to give her love to everyone. and she said that if we ever have any academic questions or if we're in need of advice, she said that her door is open. she is such a caring and loving and understanding person... words can't even say. and we are so lucky to have had her and to still have her as teacher. because even if she isn't standing there every morning with geometry figures on the board, she is still my teacher. she is still our teacher.
this has to be as hard for you guys as it is for me... probably even harder. and i totally get it. you can shed your tears, you can feel the pain and the sorrow. and you can also feel the gratitude and the courage that it took mrs hamstra to do what she did. and if you ever need someone to talk to, you guys can all talk to me. call your friends, email them, and i know that we will stay together forever.
lots of love, marissa :D