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Sunday, March 04, 2007

hey everyone. i know that it still feels really weird. i talked to mrs hamstra today, trying to invite her to my concert... her daughter's visiting this weekend. so that's good that her family is there with her to help her through this hard time. but she said to me that she hoped we understood - why she left and why she had to leave. she said that sometimes to make changes for the better, you have to sacrifice. it was so hard for her to leave us, but she sacrificed us so that we could have a chance at having a better time, of getting a better education. she left with us in her heart and in her mind. so never forget that. she loves us all so much. she told me to give her love to everyone. and she said that if we ever have any academic questions or if we're in need of advice, she said that her door is open. she is such a caring and loving and understanding person... words can't even say. and we are so lucky to have had her and to still have her as teacher. because even if she isn't standing there every morning with geometry figures on the board, she is still my teacher. she is still our teacher.
this has to be as hard for you guys as it is for me... probably even harder. and i totally get it. you can shed your tears, you can feel the pain and the sorrow. and you can also feel the gratitude and the courage that it took mrs hamstra to do what she did. and if you ever need someone to talk to, you guys can all talk to me. call your friends, email them, and i know that we will stay together forever.
lots of love, marissa :D