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Saturday, March 03, 2007

hey guys. like maya said, we're all going through a REALLY REALLY hard time. i guess now we're just kinda hanging onto all those traditions we used to have, hoping it'll give us comfort. i dont know how many of your parents went, but keep checking your emails and stuff. we're doing a lot. keep posting on the blog, and i think we should all talk about this. share our feelings - our sorrow, fear, numbness... everything. mrs hamstra taught us how to work together, how to be a class, how to be one instead of being individual students. she taught us how to believe in ourselves. she taught us how to make the right decisions. i will forever cherish the day when she caught me during the science review. i remember i got a 97 or 98 on that test, but she was still like upset with me. she was so special in teaching us. when she punished us, it wasn't a punishment. she taught us how to make the right decisions. i remember she told me, "you cannot serve two masters at the same time." and she was so right. we all remember those things she's always said to us, "dont cry over spilled milk" and so much more. share your feelings. shed your tears of sorrow. and remember that she did so much for us. she loved us so much. and she was so extremely brave when she left and decided to move on with her life. remember how much she loved us, remember how much we love her. remember having family time. remember her laughs, her smiles. remember the things she said that we laughed at. remember when she sang songs in the morning. remember all the things you can remember. and let love bind us together to get through this. let love and friendship keep us together forever. and by the time graduation comes, we will be so much more together and understanding of each other. we will love each other so much more. and remember mrs hamstra then. she will be so proud of us. she loves us. we love her. make her pround.
<3 marissa. call me anytime you need me. email me, call, talk to me. and talk to everyone else. remember. and love.


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