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Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'm reading, and somewhere inside the wheels of my brain are turning, trying to think practically, and move on...I know there are two conflicting forces inside of all of us. Be practical--be emotional. It seems as though we will never be able to accept this.
But right now I am too deep in grief, and no matter what happens, it will take time, and we will have to hold each others hands and spend that time together, Monday through Friday through Monday again. It will take time...
What can i say? Mrs. Hamstra was beyond words...martinetish. Everything she did, methods she taught us, her hugs, intrusiveness, notebook quizzes...there is so much to remember. And I know as we rise up again for air, more memories attack us.
The parents had a meeting and are supposed to be taking action...God knows, we cannot let Mrs. Hamstra go without a fight...
As we have been saying in our emails, just anything to thank Mrs. Hamstra, let her know that we will remember her and her lessons...I can't think about them right now...but we have to continue with the cards and as Kim was saying, send her little things to remember us by.
I'm sorry, I have no words, they fumble and stop at the tip of my tongue...
It feels stuck in a rut, smothered by water, an ocean of memories, swimming through my thoughts...I can make no sense nor choose right or wrong. They say this is still shock. The first stage: numbness.
God knows there is a long journey ahead.
I hope we have the strength to put aside our differences and pull together through this. let us find our individual consolation in each other--no matter if you pray or you believe or take things as they are.
If not anything, I hope we use this experience to create a class Mrs. Hamstra will be proud to see graduate.

Meanwhile, work continues like hell.

Love, Sanj
Remember that we are always here, and whenever you need anyanyanything, you have my number.
Please, continue to blog so that we all can share our feelings and help each other.


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