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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hey guys,
I hope we're all doing well. Mrs. Hamstra is always reminding us that she left but she knows that we are strong, we will not suffer, and as far as emotional pain goes, she knows it is a part of life, but change will lead to better. It's hard, but call her, and you will really, really appreciate those minutes with her--they cause you to take a complete different approach.
So, enough consolation and introduction, as you know we are going to her house this Sunday (hope you can make it!) and even so there are three things (well, more) going on for her, so please take action accordingly.
1. This is extremely urgent: Rami will be collecting funds for a gift for Mrs. Hamstra tomorrow! That way she can have a hugomongous gift card from ALL of us. So, if you guys could bring $10 tomorrow, it's going to be a really nice going-away-but-never-out-of-our-lives present to give to her at her house, and show her how much we all really care.
2. Also, extremely urgent: Mrs. Hamstra's box closes tomorrow because we want to bring that to her Sunday! Please bring something, she's looking forward to our assortment. If you're still in need of ideas: pencils, math notebooks, rulers, 'big' erasers, or those letters she made us write and re-write to get permission to come to her house in December...what else? Her number line stickers... So, please don't forget and pack your 'baby' in your bag now!
3. This is urgent as well: Mrs. Hamstra had said that she wanted to start a school. Ish is collecting funds (from $1 to $million) to donate to a charity that does attempt to educate children in Africa, and we will do so in Mrs. Hamstra's name. Please, we encourage you to bring your money, and do so by next Friday to help the disadvantaged of our generation.
4. I think everyone has signed the cards that Maya bought but just make sure that you're not missing.
Thanks so much you guys. Lots of stuff to remember for tomorrow. Can't wait for Sunday!
Love ya lots,