class of `07

class of oo7. license to kill.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

...and please provide a phone number...i've got pretty much all the girls but we need the guys'...hey guys out there! got a phone?? i another guy's phone number??

WHICH IDIOT DIDNT VOTE FOR ALLISON THIS WEEK????!!!!!??????????? arrrrrghhhhhhhhh.... i cant believe she got voted off!!! she was my favorite and the BEST dancer! i cant believe it!!! she sooo deserved to win the competition! she can do every type of dance.... omg omg omg. why didnt any of u ppl vote?????????? grrrr

hmph....and heidi & benji are COUSINS?????? since when did that happen? did anyone see dmitry w/ the "vote 4 natalie" sign? god, that was hilarious....

im still super mad!!!! u ppl suck! jk jk... but im still mad
-mishee :P

Monday, July 24, 2006

hey guys!
San Jose is FREAKIN hot! it's like 112 degrees here(literally!). and at night my neighbor has blackouts from 10 pm to 3 am. now the milk got curdled in the morning(i really wanted cereal for breakfast :,( )!

on the bright side, my pool got fixed! i haven't swam in that pool in like 3 years so it was all grous(sp. error) and green with all this algae in it! EWW! so the pool guy drained it and i got to walk inside the pool with no water in it. i would've roller skated inside but my dad would've killed me. so for the past few days i've been swimming like 3 or 2 hours a day :)

i can't for tomorrow! i going to a concert at pleasanton and this band "harry and the potters". And guess what their songs are about! Harry Potter(lame joke)! Anyways they're songs are awesome especially "Save Ginny Weasley" and "Wizard Chess".

In 2 weeks, i'm going to my 1st real big concert.. kelly clarkson! even if the tickets are far away,we get free parking at least :)so excited!

- katherine

Hey guys!!
Party planning in full swing, pour in suggestions people!!
Here are a couple of things you guys can vote on:
what day is for partying?
when's best for you?
to potluck or not to potluck?
stuff to do
umm...and ill think of some more [:
loll k.
india's pretty okayy.
i miss you guys helllllls.
omg hows elio?? he's in lebanon [right?] and the israelis are bombing it!!
love ya and miss ya SO BADD.
internet hugs and kisses,
when i get back, before the party, someday, i'm gonna invite everyone over. i need hugs!! hugfest!!
umm okay. [: