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Monday, June 18, 2007

Ok, so if you don't check your email inbox, what's the chance you'll check the blog? Anyway, happy Summer o7, I hope you guys are rockin' it out to the hardest, having the best fun at the Just Kidding.
Shoutouts:, I'll get back to you.
...uh, I guess that's a Shoutout sans me see more crap before I get to the point...Ctrl-G = Hindi transliteration, babby! Okay, so whatever the crap's up with me, I read a BLACK book this weekend, so I'm gonna start being like, "Shet up, boyy. I ain't down with no shit like that. You a trip, girlfriend." JK. I made some lemonaiide, so I'm pretty HIGH.

Yeah. OK, down to business:
June 21: I need to know what movie time is okay for Ocean's Thirteen.
Info: 1 hr, 53 mins long.
Location: Oakridge Century 20
Showtimes available: 6:15, 6:50, 7:40, 8:20
Recommendations: We don't want to eat later than the movie because the food court might close. Also, we might not want to do a late movie because the parents do have to pick us up.
As of now, I think we've agreed on the 7:40 show. As Ish said in an email, we will need to be in the theatres by 7:30, so maybe come a little earlier. Dinner/whatever-meal-you-want-to-call-it will take place before the movie. So, let us know what works out!

June 30 is Maya's Party.

Vasona Lake BBQ.
Location: Vasona Lake, duh?
Pick a Date: July 7, July 8, July 14, July 15
It can be a potluck and picnic, etc.

Pool Party
Location: Undecided
Pick a Date: First weekend of August?

And, we'll definitely do three/or more things in between.
Let me know when you guys are NOT available and what dates you are out of town.

Luvvs, Sanj