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Saturday, July 08, 2006

i said in my last last post 'cuz france is where are the cool composers are.' or something like that... correction cuz france is where are the cool composers were from. -mishee :P

man, am i BORED. blah blah blah. why dont any of the guys post?? is having a blog girly or what? its like the same as a myspace. kinda. come on... we're never gonna bond at this rate. well, maybe we will. sure hope so. -mishee :P

GO FRANCE!!!! w00t! haha. cuz france is where all the cool composers are! yay!
haha -mishee :P

so its mishee again!!! yay! i read in a magazine (i think) that friendship consists of trust, belief, sympathy, forgiveness........ and something-else-that-i-forgot. oh well..... but lets establish some of those qualities along with reliance and love and whatever else it takes to make our class a super special and great one. hmm.... anyone notice that we are now from the Heard and McDonald Islands???? haha. i find that hilarious... wait did i spell that right?? well, cant wait til august or september or whenever school starts when we have to worry about our grades again and then deal with all the high school applications and essay stuff.......... and another DAR (our last!!! yay! :D) blah blah blah... and everything else
<33 mishee :P

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Just a question - why is the country set to a place called Reunion?
- Neethi

I think this is such a good idea! This is really interesting and it helps a lot because I MISS SCHOOL! I can't wait until 8th grade starts! It really doesn't make sense that during school, I keep on wishing that I didn't have so much to do, and in summer vacation I wish that I did. Does anyone else feel that way? Probably. Anyway, I did have a very un-boring ( very interesting and busy ) 4 days just recently. We went up north and stayed in a hotel in this place called Redding ( Have any of you even heard of that city/town before? I hadn't. ) and we visited many places.
We went to Lassen Volcanic National Park and there was SO MUCH SNOW there! In June and July! They had very late snow storms. Part of the main road running through the park was closed because they had to clear the snow from it. In some places they had something like 24 feet of snow and when they tried to clear it, it just fell back down on them and they had to start over so it was taking a while. In some places where we could go, they even had 12 feet of snow! It is really amazing to have so much snow in California at this time of year! I just realized that I am going on and on about that.
Anyway, at Lassen Volcanic National Park there was this place called Sulphur Works where there was volcanic activity going on very close to the surface. The magma inside the Earth was heating up water close to the surface and we could hear it boiling like crazy, and there were hydrogen sulfide vents where steam was coming out of holes in the ground! I don't know how to describe the smell. Some people like it and some people can't stand it. I was sort of in the middle. My mother likes that smell and I don't know why. We were not allowed to go past the gates that they had put in some areas because the ground could be very fragile and in some places you can fall through the ground into boiling water! There was also a tiny stream nearby that had water that looked unusually white with a little bit of brown maybe, and my father said that it probably had some chemicals like hydrogen sulfide mixed with it. It was all very exciting.
The scenery was so beautiful there! We could see Mount Lassen, which is a volcano, covered with snow in the middle and surrounding mountains with snow and the trees sticking up out of the snow. It was all whit and green and brown with clear blue lakes and streams and a clear, sunny blue sky. I just remembered there were amazing lakes! Sometimes you would have to see one to believe that it was possible to have a lake like that, with clear blue water and little waves and water currents that make the water look smooth and make you want to touch it. There was one lake right in Redding, and it had a bridge across it that was made with glass ( but not only glass; there was metal also ) and it worked as a sundial because it was held up by a tall needle-shaped sculpture that was on the land on one side. Ducks lived in that lake and we fed them with bread one day. They would not leave us alone after that and kept on looking at us for more, and finally they went away. There were some baby ducks too, and we wanted to feed them but if we did they might not have learned how to look for food by themselves in the wild properly. The water was freezing cold there and we went in anyway, because it was so hot outside, maybe even close to 100°F! There was also a little bit of very soft and fine sand that makes you really want to touch it.
We also went to see Mount Shasta, which was very beautiful. It was also covered with snow and trees with a clear blue sky. We went on a train ride a little way up the mountain to see it. There was a lady from Ukraine on the train who told us that the mountains reminded her of the Carpathian mountains. Remember the Carpathian mountains in Alicia? Alicia was born in a village there. We even visited the Shasta Caverns! They were caves with all the things we learned about in science like stalactites and stalagmites, and also other interesting and beautiful formations.
We had very interesting experiences in the mountains. We saw many animals such as deer and goats and bald eagles in the wild. The deer were so scared of us! Sometimes they even came up close and stared at us, but then they would always run away. There was beautiful scenery in the mountains also. We also had experiences getting lost and asking people for directions and then finally got good, clear directions from a UPS man. There was almost no one in the mountains compared to here. It was undisturbed nature.
There is so much beauty to see in nature. I never before had an experience like this, and I will never forget it.

hey... it's mishee again! sooo bored. nothing to do. well, looks like its gonna be france vs. italy..... hmm who to go for??? france is cool but italy has all the other cool stuff (like the guy who made the stradivarius violin was from italy!!!) haha.... but lalo was from france.... never mind. im rooting for france. saint-saens was from france. france should win, hands down. haha. but i know nothing actually about soccer.... haha. well, keep in touch w/ me everyone!!
<3333 mishee :P

heyyy!!! its mishee! yay :D haha... my first post. well, i love this idea. everyone keep on posting!!! haha. i am SOOO tempted to change the language to some random language.... but for all u guys's sake, i won't..... haha. email me and keep in touch so we can keep planning our get-together.
<333 mishee :P

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


heyy--- it's arthi. we were in tahoe for the long weekend =) it was fun, even if there wasn't any snow =( it looks like sanj has the most posts up here. well, see ya in august!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Yay. I'm in the land of lots of bugs, [...insert adjective [or gerund] here...] relatives, and yummy food.
What did you put for the inserted adjective??!
Looking for interesting answers and
Loves, Hugs, and

i cant believe france won!!!!!!!!
the whole time i was like, yea its all brazil, no problem.. BUT THEN I CHECK THE NEWS ON MY DAD'S CELL PHONE N THEN BARZIL N I WAS WTF!!!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

bored like crazy

World Cup enters semifinals!!
Haha...Maya can now proudly wear her Thierry Henry shirt!! France beat Brasil!! England lost ]]:
Looks like another all-euro finals! Germany v. Italia, France v. Portugal!
Who are you rooting for??