class of `07

class of oo7. license to kill.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

omg. so today i was actually EARLY to swim practice so i brought my math hw. after we got out, i was wet (duh!) and i said to my friend, "oh no. im gonna get my math notebook wet." and she laughed. and i said "i love my math notebook." and she was like "yeah? it's like your child or something?" and i couldnt help but smile. cuz it is. remember how mrs hamstra would always tell us the leaving-the-baby-under-the-table story when we forgot our math notebooks? good times.yeahhh. haha. well, wtv. have to study science....
<33marissa//stillshocked\\i guess...//its like im numb now//cant feel the pain//but the pain's still there\\i kinda wish it would hurt every now&then... i dunno.