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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

OMG guys, I just fell in love with all of you. (: No, I'm not lesbian.
Thankies SOO much for posting!! SMOOCH!!!
I mean the way we're all writing to each other is SUPER cool. TOTALLLY unbiased, united, unprejudiced (shit! I almost forgot how to spell predgudiced), unified, joint, combined, amalgamated, cohesive, integrated, incorporated, fused...
Haha, so all we need to work on is the other people!!
Get them to write and Happy Posting!!
Love love love love love,
*cyber kiss*


Blogger Class of 07 said...

hey sanj, how guys the party planning?

7:10 PM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

that was maya. sry bout that...

7:11 PM  
Anonymous katherine said...

hey sanj! do you mind if you change the date of the party..
I have vacation on the 3rd week of august with the familia

10:21 PM  
Anonymous ishee said...

yeah, can we have it on the last week of august?

12:15 PM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

I wrote this earlier but I'm not sure if anyone saw it so I will write it again. I will be going places for about 2 weeks during August ( leave on the 12th, come back by midnight of 22nd ) and so I would prefer for the reunion to be either before or after that. Thanks!
- Neethi

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, after that please

11:07 AM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

wait wait.
the 22nd is a saturday.
which day do you guys want? so we can plan around it.
- maya

12:34 PM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

when does cys start??? cuz then we cant do sundays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its my pool so ha! the date has to be when i can make it. please email me ppl! -mishee :-*

12:57 PM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

if u want a sunday, it HAS to be the 20th (sry i was lookin at the july calendar 4 the last time). besides that means it WONT be on the last week. cuz i REALLY DONT THINK we should have it THE DAY B4 SCHOOL STARTS....

5:02 PM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

that was maya...

5:03 PM  
Anonymous iSHEE the SPiFFiE said...

why can't it be on a weekday?
how about like the wed or friday b4 skool starts
im busy on weekends

5:53 PM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

hey guys,
ill post this up in a blog too...later.
as far as dates go for the party, we're looking at 21-26, fourth week of august, the week right before school starts on the 28. and time around 2 pm.
my vote is in for friday the 25th, or tues. 22 or thurs. 24, but let me know what days you guys are gone or have extra-currics. or something.
we really want each one of you guys there, so we'll try to work around your schedules, as maya said.
as soon as *ahem* marissa gives us her *ahem* part of the *ahem* information *ahem* [jk jk] we'll send out the evites on which you can vote for the day...
if you wanna let us know now....heeeere are the optionsss!!
[okay, there are that many extra letters to resemble a game show host. i don't think it came off that way. lol, lol, back to topic.]
Friday, Aug. 18 @ 2 pm
Monday, Aug. 24 @ 2 pm
Tuesday, Aug. 22 @ 2 pm
Thursday, Aug. 24 @ 2 pm
Friday, Aug. 25 @ 2 pm
and, let's also add the option:
Saturday, Aug. 26 @ 2 pm
I know you guys are going to have conflicts, so just contact us...let us know.
By the way, all the times are 2 pm for no specific reason, so if you want to suggest other times, please do!!
Reallly waiting to hear from you guys. We want this to be ... perfect [:
Sidenote to Katherine: are the dates above okay?
Sidenote to Neethi: We'll try to keep it Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.
Sidenote to Ishee: Mhm. Try to keep away from Saturday. Got it.
Sidenote to everyone!!: Vote for Friday!! [:

8:50 PM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

im up 4 a friday. i have soccer on tuesdays n thursdays.
- maya

10:08 PM  
Anonymous iSHEE the SPiFFiE said...


7:23 PM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

- maya

8:51 PM  
Anonymous iSHEE the SPiFFiE said...


2:04 PM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

haha. ur a natural rhyme-er ishee... unlike me. haha. um.... since the vote seems to be going toward friday... im thinking friday the 25th, 2 - 5pm. how's that sound? sanj, maya, ishee, neethi, katherine... btw. katherine -what's ur email?? i dont have it! -mishee :-*

11:47 AM  
Anonymous iSHEE the SPiFFiE said...

haha yes yes ty ty i knoww :]

3:12 PM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

Friday is good!
- Neethi

7:33 PM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

friday is our best bet!!
now...if we could just get the rest of the girls and all of the guys to respond...hehe

1:37 AM  
Anonymous Ajay said...

Hey people. Well, that is just twice, but whatever. Anyways, for the party, I won't be here between August 23-30, somewhere along those lines; basically, the last week of August. I'm going to DC and obviously can't make it to the party during that time. Aug. 18 sounds fine though.
And yes, Friday seems good. =P

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Ajay said...

My bad, in the first sentence you'll probably notice an sentence error; I deleted a part of what I had typed. Anyways, just forget about the part "Well, that is just twice, but whatever."

2:11 PM  
Anonymous iSH said...

:[ im gonna be busy til the 20th mab 20th or 21st or 22nd?

7:40 PM  
Anonymous katherine said...

gosh! august is so hectic for me!!
anyways, my vacation date still hasn't been finalized but i'll keep you updated

1:12 PM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

[ S U P E R - H E R O M A Y A ]

9:55 AM  
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