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Monday, July 10, 2006

Wuddup it's Aakash. Currently im in the mother country of sweets,cows,autorickshaws, and fobs.Even tho India is a nice change for da summer, we all know summer is flying by too fast.I definetely dun wanna go back to skool cuz tons of pressure next year. My sister and I flew to India by ourselves. At first our parents didn't trust us cuz we were positive we would fite and rip each others throats by the end of the flight. But what was awesome was we got to sit at royals class for free even tho we payed for economy. All we did was asks the flight attendants if we could sit in royals class since there was some empty space, and she said yes! Royal class is paradise. They have a massaging chair,fold out t.v., special service, and all!

(Back to India), most of the days I hang out near the beach( da waves are tite..),play cricket,football(soccer for all those white people),and watch t.v. Speaking of soccer everyone here is crazed bout it. Most nites I sleep at 12 in da morning watching the matches. I sorta lost interest after Brazil's ass got kicked by France(Rhonaldheno rocks!). But Italy verses France was intense after Zidane missed overtime cuz of his red card. France coulda won if they had Zidane, since he pretty good penalty shooter. And like in the first 5 min. Theirry Henry got hurt!I was rooting for France but I felt Italy played a better game then they did.

Anwys, My friend here has a xbox so i usually go to his house. Recently I saw Superman Returns,Poseidon,Scary Movie 4,MI3, and other pirated movies. I agree with AJay on Superman Returns, and I am looking forwards to seeing POC2 although I forgot to see Katherine's spoiler warnings.

I went to Bangalore last week wich wasn't fricken hot like Chennai. THe main higlight of the trip was when i went to a national park there where i saw tigers and sloth bears. Once in a lifetime experience seeing tiger cubs three feet from the safari jeep.

Well im comin back to the states in two days and the reunion party seems cool if boyz come. Well live your summer to it's fullest and remember to blog faithfully(unlike me)


Blogger Class of 07 said...

hey. wow. thats pretty cool and (if ishee lets me say so) spiffy. royal's class... man, i wish i coulda done that. haha. if i went by myself w/ my brother id have ripped his throat out if we went somewhere... but then id be upset for being upset and id try to make it up. well, sounds like ur having a great time in india. and come to the reunion thing! even if other guys dont come. it should be pretty awesome. -mishee :P

10:52 AM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

THAS PRETTY COOL. anyways...
im finda bored. and im stil obssessed with FRANCE. so yea. OMG. I GOT THIS COOL CD 2DAY!!!
it has like all the songs i couldnt find 2 download!!!!!!!

5:22 PM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

Haha YESS it's not a YOU SHOULD its a YOU ARE coming to the CLASS OF 07 PARTY cuz well its your CLASS OF 07 PARTAYYYY!!

7:10 PM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

Royals class...awesome. What airline? I flew Singapore and economy was actually less crowded than firstclass. haha, so i stretched out and stole four seats. so i got four ice cream boxes. although i felt like puking so i didnt really eat them...what a waste. i hope they still have the ice cream this time!!
yehah. and i watched legally blonde and 13 going on 30 and the apprentice and...haha yupp.
<33s sanj

12:17 AM  
Anonymous iSHEE the SPiFFiE said...


5:55 PM  
Blogger Class of 07 said...

i feel special now... ^______^
- maya

10:09 PM  
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