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Sunday, April 01, 2007

hey everyone! (or people who actually bother keeping up with our blog now...)
well.... not much has been happening here.... our blogging kinda died, i guess. well, young authors coming up! its gonna be weird having a regular school week after sat's... well, get ready for placement exams everyone! im gonna try to finish all the worksheets mrs hamstra gave us! thats gonna take a while. well, good luck to all of you guys, too! omg. its in THREE weeks!
loveeee, marissa :D


Blogger classof_07 said...

I waana keep up with this blog
considering its our last thing as a clas that Mr Codface hasn't taken away!!
I hope even if we won't be in the same school we will still keep in touch!

-Kavya V

5:48 PM  
Blogger class of `07 said...

i totally agree with you kavya!!!!
<33 marissa

7:23 PM  
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