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Thursday, June 29, 2006

60 days 'til school starts!

[Yeah, I couldn`t wait to write another blog :P]

I think most of us can wait 60 days. In some ways, I can't, in some ways I can. 8th grade is going to be one major roller coaster.
As soon as we get back, the workload's on again. Especially because the first term, we're trying to get used to Geometry but still maintain our averages for high school. On top of that, there's Student Council elections. Some of us have already announced what we're running for, but the campaigns continue! Then DAR, again. Thank god, it`s our last year. Can they at least choose a more interesting topic? Do I look like I want to write another essay on Thomas Jefferson? 'Course, there's Winter Break. But that starts on some obscure Tuesday. What's with Challenger letting us out on such wacko days?
Then, there are the HS entrance exams. Am I the only one freaking?
But, finally, finally, finally...DC!! I've been waiting for
ages. In sixth grade, it seemed SO far away. Right now it does too. But we`re finally getting there! Pretty expensive, though! Maybe we'll even stay at the Holiday Inn in Washington D.C.!! Hey, some girls wanna come shop with me at Barney's New York?...window shop, I meant. And Bergdorf Goodman, H&M, Urban Outfitters, FAO&Schwartz...hey guys, you asleep yet?
I want Mr. Whiteley to go with us. Haha, there's a HUGE museum of American History. He'll probably camp out there. Or when the doors are closing, he'll go hide in the bathroom. Then come out and keep exploring at night. :D
The plane ride is between six to nine hours long, depending on whether we fly out at night or in the morning. But, even if we fly at night, we all know--nobody's going to be sleeping.
The picture's so amazing, I want to be there right now... Mr. Whiteley leading the pack, each one of us tramping behind him with our sophisticated rolling carry-on bags, the parents waving from the glass doors...I hope mine don't cry!! AAH! And then, getting off the flight, taking the keys to our hotel room (who's the most responsible of your roomies??) and jumping in!
And of course, don't forget to lock the doors that join our rooms together. Or you might just wake up with whipped cream all over your face! You didn't think we'd forget our list of pranks, did you? Haha, as for me, I'm making up a trick for everyone. Yeah...fine, I'll get twenty-something back in return!! You'll probably want revenge, unless you're
enjoying the naked Britney Spears magazine stuffed in your bag!
Ooh, Zoya and me...erm...I and all you caffeine addicts out there...somebody coming with me to Starbucks every morning? Hmm...or let's try some real coffee in the hotel? Haha, Mr. Whiteley's probably going to confiscate our food money.
GOD, DC`s going to be SO MUCH fun. And rooming with your buddies? (Figured out your roomies yet??)
It`s going to be one SUPER week.`s a while off. ):


>> Coffee addicts and plane buddies >>


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